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Chapter 1248: The Oversensitive Pregnant Woman

“I’m flattered, Uncle. There’s a long way to go. The task is much tougher than I expected. I was not confident in restoring the country up till now.”

“No worries. From manufacturing, national defense to education and public health, I will give you full support, whenever and whatever you need.”

“Greatly appreciated. Thank you so much, Uncle, for sheltering our people after the strife in Dragon Kingdom. Thank you!”

“Don’t mention it. Dragon Kingdom has been a good friend to Estan. We always have to help one another. I believe that, if Estan is in danger someday, you will definitely stand up for us too. We could only thrive via mutual support.”


Huo Yunshen was filled with gratitude. With the help of President Helian Wei, he no longer felt like he was fighting on his own.

It gave him more confidence in restoring the Dragon Kingdom.

During their conversation Huo Yunshen’s wife called.

He took a glance at the phone. It was silenced but kept flashing. He planned to call her back later instead of picking up right away.

Helian Wei saw the name on the phone and asked, “Is that your wife?”

“Never mind. I’ll call her back later.”

“Take it. You should not keep her waiting. A pregnant woman could be very sensitive!”

Helian Wei hoped that his son-in-law could be kind to his daughter. But he could not say it too obviously. Instead, he could only try suggesting.

When Huo Yunshen reached to the phone, it was no longer flashing. Then he realized, “Uncle, how did you know my wife is pregnant?”

He never told anyone about her pregnancy. How could the president know?

Helian Wei realized that it was indiscreet, and explained, “I think so because I saw her belly slightly swollen the other day. Am I wrong?”

“Absolutely no. My wife has been pregnant for more than four months.”

Huo Yunshen always felt excited and proud whenever mentioning it. He wished that he could tell the whole world.

“I see. Congratulations, Yunshen!”

Thank you, Uncle. I guess I have to leave now. I’ll come again soon.”


Helian Wei stood up to show him out. Huo Yunshen waved goodbye and headed home in his car.

Coming out of the presidential palace, Huo Yunshen hurried to call his wife back.

She picked up immediately and asked, “Hello? Honey, why didn’t you answer my call just now?”

“I was in middle of something. But I’m on my way home now. What’s up?”

“Nothing. I just wanted to remind you to pick up the kid in the afternoon.”

“I know…”

Before he could finish, the driver made a sudden brake and his body moved forward involuntarily. His cell was dropped.

Huo Yunshen tried to figure out what happened and found a car stopped in front, with people coming toward them.

“I have to go now. See you at home.”

He picked up the phone and ended the conversation right away.

Xu Xiyan was left sitting on the couch wondering, Wha

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