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Chapter 1253: Prove His Flexibility

After Xu Xiyan found out that Huo Yunshen was hurt, she took full responsibility in taking care of him.

After a week of resting, the wound finally closed up after it was treated with Jing Huaduo’s herb.

Huo Yunshen decided to leave the bed.

Xu Xiyan pushed the door open and walked into the room only to see her husband changing before the mirror. Huo Yunshen has already put on a pair of slacks and was buttoning his shirt.

“Hey! Why are you up?” Xu Xiyan scolded.

“I still have a lot of things to do,” Huo Yunshen explained, looking at Xu Xiyan from the reflection in the mirror. “Don’t worry, the wound is almost healed.”

“Let me see.”

Xu Xiyan pulled Huo Yunshen’s shirt up and realized that he has already removed the bandages himself. It was as Huo Yunshen has said, the wound has recovered, but Xu Xiyan was still worried.

“Are you sure it’s completely healed?” Xu Xiyan asked, staring wanderlessly at Huo Yunshen’s abs.

“Why don’t you try it yourself?”

Puzzled by the question, Xu Xiyan was pushed back to the wall, and Huo Yunshen has his arms wrapped around Xu Xiyan’s waist.

He lowered his head and kissed her, taking away her ability to breathe.

After that, Huo Yunshen proved to Xu Xiyan that his waist was healed entirely by showing how flexible he was.

After finishing everything, Huo Yunshen put his shirt back on while Xu XIyan laid on the bed out of breath.

Huo Yunshen sat down beside Xu Xiyan and gently flicked her nose.

“Get some rest, you’ve earned it,” Huo Yunshen said softly.

“Okay,” Xu Xiyan nodded.

“I’ll have to go out a little, okay?”


Xu Xiyan won’t suspect Huo Yunshen would do anything behind her back anymore.

Huo Yunshen kissed her gently and left but was Xu Xiyan called out to him.

“What’s wrong?” Huo Yunshen asked.

“Don’t go to QIngyu, don’t go anywhere near him.”

“I get it,” Huo Yunshen laughed as Xu Xiyan has already believed that going anywhere near Helian Qingyu would get Huo Yunshen into troubles with guns and terrorists.

Yet Helian QIngyu’s car was already waiting for Huo Yunshen when he left his house.

Huo Yunshen got into the car, and Helian Qingyu looked at his watch.

“How long do you plan on keeping me waiting?” Helian QIngyu scolded. “I’ve been out here for more than an hour.”

“I can’t help it,” Huo Yunshen explained with a wry smile. “My wife is like an octopus now and wouldn’t let me leave.”

“Shit! Now I know why they say we men should not mess with women who are pregnant…” Helian Qingyu sighed.

Upon mentioning pregnant women, Helian QIngyu began to think of Li Ruochu, who was also one.

He wondered if she was okay, if there was anyone taking care of her.

“Bro, do you have any leads on Li Ruochu?” Helian Qingyu asked.

“No, nothing at all.”

But in truth, Huo Yunshen knew the exact location of Li Ruochu, but he did not want to tell Helian Qingyu.

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