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Chapter 1240: Suspecting

Helian Wei helped her take off her shoes, placed her on the bed, rearranged the pillow and tucked her in. He did this carefully, then automatically got hold of her hand.

It felt like he was taking care of some family member at his own home.

Xu Xiyan was stunned while he did so, especially when he got hold of her mother’s hand. It felt too…

“Mr. President…”

Xu Xiyan could not help interrupting.

Upon hearing her calling, Helian Wei turned to see her staring at his hand holding Jing Ruyue’s. He suddenly came back to his senses, released her hand and tried to explain. “I’ve helped you get her here. Now I should leave. Please take good care of your mother.”

Despite his reluctance, Helian Wei took anther glance at Jing Ruyue and left the room.

“Sure. Thank you, Mr. President.” Xu Xiyan nodded with appreciation.

When Helian Wei was about to step out of the room, Xu Xiyan called to stop him all of a sudden. “Mr. President!”


Helian Wei stopped and turned around.

“You know my mother, don’t you?”

“I do. But she…”

Helian Wei tried to find a proper excuse. He was worried that he might have been over-reacting just now.

He wondered if his daughter was suspecting anything.

Before he could provide an answer, Xu Xiyan smiled and said, “I know. You must be her fan too. I saw a picture in the Moon Castle of my mother playing violin.

“Indeed. I am a big fan of hers.”

“That is indeed flattering. I will definitely let her know. Anyway, thank you again, Mr. President.”

Xu Xiyan bowed to him.

“Don’t mention it.”

Helian Wei got downstairs. But instead of leaving the villa, he waited until Gu Yici arrived.

He had to know Jing Ruyue’s condition before he could leave.

Gu Yici hurried into the villa. Upon seeing Helian Wei in the parlor, he thought he was hallucinating.

“Oh dear! Uncle, how come you are here?”

Gu Yici had never seen Mr. President in anyone else’s home, nor had he seen him being with any personal friend.

He had always been the figure in the news, paying state visits, and participating in various summits and delegations.

Helian Wei nodded without saying a word. Helian Qingyu told him, “This is a secret. I called you here to attend to the patient. Don’t be nosy!”

Gu Yici understood that the president’s whereabouts always had to be kept secret.

Without asking further questions, Gu Yici was escorted upstairs to check on Jing Ruyue.

When he was finished and came downstairs, Helian Qingyu asked, “Are you done? How is Auntie Jing?”

Helian Qingyu actually asked on behalf of his father. He knew that his father was worried about Jing Ruyue.

“She is very weak and has hypoglycemia. That was why she fainted.”

“Then what should they do?”

“Nothing but take good care of her.”

“Will she recover?”

“Probably. I looked at Jing Xi’s herbal cuisine and treatment plan. As long as they continue with that, I’m

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