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Chapter 1245: A Great Body

“I don’t think so,” Helian Wei analyzed. “Every attack from Dark Zone was very well coordinated, but this one is just plain bad.”

But Helian Qingyu could not find anything that could tell him who had sent the attackers. He called some of his men to come and clean the scene up when he turned and saw that Huo Yunshen was hurt.

“Shit! You got shot?”

Huo Yunshen had gotten shot in his lower left abdomen, but Helian Qingyu could not notice it at first because he was wearing a dark-colored shirt.

“I’m fine,” Huo Yunshen said without wincing.

“Well, I’m not! If anything happened to you in Estan, Jing Xi will definitely kill me!” Helian Qingyu scolded as he got his keys. “Come on! I’ll get you to a doctor.”

Helian Qingyu drove as fast as he could to the Military Hospital.

He kicked Gu Yici’s door open and shouted, “Yici! We need help!”

Gu Yici raised his head and saw Helian Qingyu carrying a pale Huo Yunshen.

“What happened?”

“There’s no time to explain! Take care of his wound first!”

“Take off his jacket!”

Helian Qingyu quickly helped Huo Yunshen take his jacket off and showed his white shirt inside that was dyed in red.

“That too!” Gu Yici said, pointing at the white shirt.

After Huo Yunshen took his shirt off, his muscular body was in naked view.

Gu Yici stared at Huo Yunshen’s perfect body, and his mind went blank.

Helian QIngyu noticed that Gu Yici was not moving and raised his head to check, only to see Gu Yici was staring attractively at Huo Yunshen.

“Hurry up, you moron!” Helian Qingyu scolded as he kicked Gu Yici.

Gu Yici’s face reddened and he performed a quick check on Huo Yunshen’s wound.

After a few minutes, Gu Yici took a bullet out from Huo Yunshen’s body and put it on a small tray.

Then he continued to disinfect the wound and stitch it up.

“Don’t let the wound come in contact with water for a week,” Gu Yici said. “Oh, and no sex either.”

Gu Yici took off his gloves but couldn’t help but stare at Huo Yunshen’s body again.

“What a great body…” Gu Yici blurted out.


Both Huo Yunshen and Helian Qingyu looked at Gu Yici with disgusted faces.

“Hey! Stop staring!” Helian Qingyu scolded. “He already has a wife and a kid! If you want a boyfriend, I can introduce someone to you.”

“No need for that,” Gu Yici smiled. “I’m satisfied with the two of you.”

“Go to hell!” Both of the men said and kicked Gu Yici.

Helian Qingyu drove Huo Yunshen back to his home after they left the hospital.

Xu Xiyan was waiting for Huo Yunshen in the living room.

“Why are you so late?” Xu Xiyan asked, noticing that it was already quite late.

“Doctor Gu was kind of busy today, so I had to wait for a little longer,” Huo Yunshen lied, not daring to tell Xu XIyan that he had been shot.

“I see… Wait, what’s that smell?”

Xu XIyan could smell a different scent coming from Huo Yunshen, and it seemed like medicin

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