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Chapter 1237: Someone He Wanted To Meet

“What a good kid.” Helian Qingyu smiled as he put Ying Bao in his father’s arms.

Helian Wei could feel a sense of familiarity from Ying Bao as he hugged her, and It was probably due to them being related by blood.

When Huo Yunshen and Xu Xiyan heard a car stopping in front of their manor, they went out to greet their guests.

“Mr. President, General, welcome to our humble home,” the couple greeted, but were instantly shocked when they saw Ying Bao lying in Helian Wei’s arms.

Xu Xiyan hurried to them and tried to get Ying Bao away, saying, “Come here.”

Yet Ying Bao took a liking to the new uncle and did not want to go away from him.

“It’s okay,” Helian Wei said. “I can take care of her.”

He did not put Ying Bao down and walked straight into the manor.

They sat down in the living room while Huo Yunshen prepared tea for them.

Xu Xiyan went back into the kitchen to help her mother with the food.

Jing Ruyue only knew that they would be hosting a few crucial guests that night but did not know who they were.

“Are the guests here?” Jing Ruyue asked when she saw her daughter entering the kitchen.

“Yup, Yunshen is accompanying them.”

“All right. The food is almost done.”

“Oh my! These smell really good!”

Even though Jing Ruyue has not stepped into the kitchen for years, she had never forgotten how to cook. As soon as she was in the kitchen, she knew that she could still do it.

Not only could she make tasty foods, but she could also present them very well, turning them into works of art.

It was from Jing Ruyue that Xu Xiyan had learned how to cook.

Helian Wei and his son sat in the living room until the food was prepared, and they were invited into the dining room.

Huo Yunshen guided his guests to their seats before sitting down with his family.

“This is too much. You don’t have to go to such length to prepare foods this good for us,” Helian Wei exclaimed when he saw that the dining table was lined with foods that were both attractive in aroma and looks.

“You’re our guest, it’s normal that we prepare something special. I hope these suit your tastes.” Huo Yunshen smiled.

“Don’t worry about it,” Helian Qingyu said. “My father is not picky about his food. Something normal would do.”

Helian Wei nodded in agreement, as his life for the past few years had been gloomy, and so was his desire for tasty foods.

Ever since he had been separated from Jing Ruyue, he could not find new excitement in life.

He could even sleep in the worst bed and eat the worst food; nothing mattered much to him.

And that was why he wanted to visit the Jingyue Manor, because there was a person there he was longing to meet.

Helian Wei looked at the empty seat just across him and asked, “Are we waiting for someone?”

“Yes,” Xu XIyan said. “My mother is changing upstairs. Please, have some food now. I’ll go check up on her.”

Xu Xiyan le

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