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Chapter 1224: How Could She Trust Them?

Alice said that she had already woken up a while ago. It was in great favor of their rescue plan.

It would be much easier to take a sober person away than carrying a sleeping beauty.

They entered the castle and saw Jing Ruyue in a parlor.

Mo Xie was sitting next to her by the window.

She was looking at the azure sky outside and her sight followed the flying seagulls.

It was obvious that she longed for freedom.

“Mother!” Alice went to her and called out.

Hearing her daughter calling, Jing Ruyue turned and smiled, “Yanyan!”

Huo Yunshen was truly shocked by the sight of Jing Ruyue. She looked so much younger than she should have been.

She seemed gentle and elegant. Just like Jing Xi, her every move and smile was breath-taking.

No wonder back then Helian Wei was besotted with her and Mo Xie had given up all his fame and power for her.

Helian Qingyu was also surprised. Jing Xi’s mother looked pretty, the same as he’d seen in the pictures. She looked young and somewhat familiar.

Seeing the others following her daughter, Jing Ruyue wondered, “Who are they?”

Mo Xie turned to them with his cold and malicious look. He did not seem to be happy to see his own daughter.


Lan Ling-Er trotted to him and squatted by his side.

She was, after all, his daughter. Instead of trying to get rid of her, Mo Xie asked, “What brought you here?”

“Ling-Er missed you, father. I came for you!”

Mo Xie did not reply. Jing Ruyue knew that this girl must be Mo Xie’s daughter.

“Long Xie, I’d like some privacy with my daughter, if you don’t mind?”

Jing Ruyue hoped that Mo Xie could leave her alone for a while.

Lan Ling-Er seized the opportunity and asked, “Yeah, father, Jing Xi must have a lot to say to her mother. I have something to tell you too. Let’s go!”


Mo Xie took a glance at Jing Ruyue and left the room with Lan Ling-Er reluctantly.

They were left alone in the room. Huo Yunshen already had told Alice about their plan on their way over. And Alice did want to help.

Then she got hold of Jing Ruyue’s hand and said, “Mother, they came all the way to save you. Go with them, now!”


Jing Ruyue looked at the two men and a woman she had never met before, and wondered what they were here for.

To save time, Huo Yunshen added, “Auntie, please come with us. We all came here to get you out.”

Huo Yunshen could not explain his relationship with Jing Xi right now. Therefore he had to call her auntie.

“Came for me? How can I trust you?”

After being trapped in the castle for over a decade, Jing Ruyue found it hard to believe that these strangers came all of a sudden purely to save her.

What if they were sent by Mo Xie? If she followed them she would be walking into his trap.

“We mean no harm. Please trust us. There is your family in Zstan. Jing Zhannan, Jing Huaduo, and Xu Xiyan, they are all wai

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