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Jing Ruyue gently touched on and picked up her Artemis. It felt nothing unfamiliar to get hold of her old friend again.

She voluntarily put Artemis under her chin, held the bow in her right hand and tried to play.

Sweet and lingering melodies were played seamlessly.

Even though she had not been playing for over a decade, the music and skills were imprinted in her. Once she picked it up again, they all came back at once.

She closed her eyes and played with her Artemis, as if she was restored with youth.

She used to play in the national theatre in front of hundreds of millions of people.

Her dearest music was already a part of her.

Xu Xiyan was delivering the herbal cuisine across the garden when she heard the beautifully played violin melodies.

She bypassed the flower stand and found her mother standing there indulged in playing.

She was never expecting her mother to play so well after so many years.

When her mother finished a melody, Xu Xiyan came and placed the tray on the table. “Mother, you played so well.”

Jing Ruyue put Artemis back into the case and said, “No way. I haven’t played for years. I’m far from skillful and cannot remember those melodies properly now.”

“Mother, don’t understate yourself. You played so well just now!”

Xu Xiyan asked her mother to sit down and handed her the dishes.

Jing Ruyue started enjoying the dishes while her daughter was watching.

“Mother, I think you should not waste your skills. It would be such a shame to never pass it on.”

“I did pass it on. You know how to play, don’t you?’

Jing Ruyue looked into her.

“I do. But I’m not good at it.”

Xu Xiiyan sat down by her mother and told about her plan, “Mother, have you ever think of playing Artemis again on the stage, playing your music to your fans again?”

Getting back on the stage?

Jing Ruyue never dared to wish for it.

“Forget it. I was announced dead more than a decade ago. I’d better stay away from the public now.”

Jing Ruyue would rather spend the rest of her life quietly than go onto the stage again. Her former glory was long gone.

“Why not? Even if you don’t want to play in public again, you could be a music teacher and teach your skills to more people. Isn’t that wonderful?”

Xu Xiyan was trying to make some plan for her mother and restore her hope for life.

The best way was to find her something to do, ideally something she loved. Then she could embrace a more lively and pleasant life.

Jing Ruyue thought about it and agreed, “OK. That seems interesting. I can teach children.”

“That’s the deal. When you fully recover I will find you a music studio and you can teach children there!”


“Then let’s finish the dishes now!”

While she was eating, Xu Xiyan tried to ask, “Mother, what was my father like?”

“…” Jing Ruyue was shocked when she brought up that question again. She stopped eating and looked at her in surprise, “Did we a

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