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Chapter 1229: Who Is He?

“I never thought that you would be alive either,” Xu Xiyan sobbed.

“But the clone that looked like you in the castle…who is she?” Jing Ruyue asked.

Xu XIyan began to explain to her mother how they had discovered her being held captive by Mo Xie on the Phantom Island, and how she was being forced to marry Mo Yutian but was saved by Huo Yunshen and Alice.

Ever since Xu Xiyan found out that her mother was alive in the castle, she knew that she had to find a way to save her.

And with her friends’ and family’s help, she was able to do so.

“So, you’re saying that Estan’s President and his son helped out too? The young man with Huo Yunshen is Helian Wei’s son?”

“Yes,” Xu Xiyan answered. “His name is Helian Qingyu and he’s Estan’s General right now.”

“Oh…” Jing Ruyue sighed, feeling a little regretful, as Feng already had a son of that age.

“How about Huo Yunshen? Who is he?”

“Mum,” Xu XIyan laughed. “He’s your son-in-law.”

“Wait, so you’re married to Huo Yunshen and not Long Xiao?”

“Yup, Long Xiao tried to separate us, but he has no idea that the woman lying next to him is Alice and not me.”

“But I’m worried that her identity will be exposed…”

Jing Ruyue was worried that by saving her, they would put Alice in danger and would come to catch Xu XIyan again.

“Let’s talk about this some other time. You need to rest now, we still have time to catch up.”

“No, I already have had enough rest. Stay and talk with me. I want to know what happened for the past decade.”

After being asleep for more than a decade, Jing Ruyue knew that she had to catch up on the recent development.

Xu Xiyan nodded and began to tell her mother stories of the recent past.

The fight on the ocean finally ceased.

The Phantom Troop was defeated and the remaining members retreated back to Lstan.

When Mo Xie learned that his troops had not retrieved Jing Ruyue, he was furious.

“You guys are useless!” Mo Xie scolded and headed to his boat, speeding towards the middle island looking for Mo Yutian and Jing Xi.

Mo Xie believed that Jing Xi was responsible for sneaking Jing Ruyue off of the island.

Mo Yutian was having lunch with his wife when they heard the guards shouting outside.

“Lord Long Xie, you cannot enter!”

“Get out of my way if you cherish your life!” Mo Xie scolded, kicking the guards to the side and pushing the door open.

“Father? Why are you here?” Mo Yutian asked in surprise.

Mo Xie did not reply and flipped the table, throwing all the food and drinks to the floor.

“You!” Mo Xie stared at Alice. “You’re the one who took Yue’er away from me!”

“I… I don’t know what you’re talking about,” Alice said as she hid behind Mo Yutian.

“Father! What happened? What angered you?”

Mo Yutian stopped his father in his path.

“Ask her yourself! There’s no way Yue’er could have gotten away from me if she did not bring people onto our land!”

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