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Chapter 1255: Pay By Blood

“Let me tell you this, Brother Xie, my sister is still alive. If she learns that you’d hurt Ling’er, she’ll definitely come for you!” the Lady White Tea said. She has been refraining from telling Mo Xie that she has saved her sister, Lan Qiwei, from Mo Xie’s hands in the past.

Lan Qiwei has once mentioned that she would not interfere as long as Mo Xie did not harm their daughter. But if he did, she would not sit still and watch idly.

“So, that woman is still alive?” Mo Xie said without any expression. “Well, whatever, I’ll let Ling’er off this one time.”

Mo Xie turned to look at Lan Ling’er, but the look he gave did not have any emotions in it. It was as if the girl before him was not related to him by blood.

“Since I’ve spared your life, can you tell me where Jing Ruyue is?” Mo Xie asked Lan Ling’er coldly.

“I don’t know. All I know is that she’s with Huo Yunshen,” Lan Ling’er replied.

“Who’s Huo Yunshen?” Mo Xie asked. He initially thought that Helian Wei was to blame for the incident, but it seemed that he was facing another opponent.

“He’s Jing Xi’s husband. Jing Xi was once married in Zstan. Here, I have a picture of him.”

Lan Ling’er looked for a photo of Huo Yunshen in her phone and showed it to Mo Xie. When Mo Xie saw Huo Yunshen’s face, he was shocked by it and could not utter a sound.

Huo Yunshen reminded Mo Xie of his dead brother, Long Rui.

“Who is he?” Mo Xie asked in panicked as he threw the phone away and ordered one of his men. “Go and find out who he is!”

“Father, my brother knows him very well. They’ve fought each other on several occasions when he was in Zstan. You can get your answers from him.”

Lan Ling’er was puzzled as to why her father panicked when he saw Huo Yunshen’s photo, but it left her mind quickly because she managed to make him forget about punishing her.

“Ling’er’s right. Xiao’er has fought with this Huo Yunshen in the past,” Lady White Tea said.

“Get Long Xiao here!” Mo Xie ordered, his face was as pale as a ghost.

Even though Mo Xie did not believe in ghosts and spirits seeking revenge, but he believed in karma.

Ever since he overthrew his brother’s throne, he was unable to sleep soundly anymore.

He would always dream of her brother, soaked in blood, climbing towards him while saying, “Mark my words, Long Xie, someone will avenge me. As long as my spirit remained, I’ll have you pay by blood!”

Long Xie knew that there was no spirit of Long Rui, but he also knew that Long Rui’s child was still alive.

He has sent spies and investigators to look for that child, but they never found him.

Long Xie was convinced that Huo Yunshen was the child he has been wary of.

And that he might seek revenge.

With Long Xie’s mind occupied with something else, Lan Ling’er took the chance to leave with Lady White Tea.

“Madam First Lady, please wait,” Lan Ling’er said.

The Lady White Tea turned to look at Lan

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