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Chapter 1250: Shouldn’t Have Come Here For Him!

Huo Yunshen frowned upon the pungent perfume and found it aversive.

“I don’t drink.”

He refused flatly.

Seeing him rejecting the drinks presented by the pretty girls, Helian Chen thought it was because of these girls. So he had his men pick two other stunners and sent them in again.

He would never believe that a man could stand up to such temptations.

Helian Chen had switched the girls again and again. But Huo Yunshen still showed no interest. He asked, “Master Chen, what do you want from me? Stop calling more girls.”

Helian Chen seriously wondered, So is Huo Yunshen a homo?

Could that be his misunderstanding?

He should have called a few pretty boys instead!

Before Helian Chen could get his men to find some boys, he saw them being knocked off one after another. The last one was kicked away and fell on the coffee table right in front of him.

The coffee table was smashed immediately.

They raised up their head and found a man standing at the door.

Helian Chen recognized it was Jun Yan who had made him quite some troubles lately. What was he doing here? For Huo Yunshen?

Xu Xiyan had knocked down all his men and stood combatively at the door. Then she was stunned by what she saw in the room.

She came immediately after the driver Mo An called, so as to save her man no matter what.

She thought that Helian Chen was seeking revenge on Huo Yunshen.

However, she was never expecting a scene like this.

The men were sitting together with pretty girls around them. The girls were all in bikinis and looked as alluring as the could.

How the hell could this be dangerous?

It was obviously them hanging out together!

Apparently she was over reacting.

Xu Xiyan felt hurt by what she witnessed. Recalling Huo Yunshen’s strange behaviors, his not picking up and hanging up on her, she could no longer held her anger.

She shouldn’t have come here for him!

Xu Xiyan was disguised as a man. She could not make a scene like that. Therefore she turned to leave without a word.

Huo Yunshen knew that his wife was definitely pissed off. So he rushed out after her.

“Mr. Huo, hey, Mr. Huo…”

Helian Chen was vexed. He figured he should have get rid of that Jun Yan first.

Huo Yunshen darted out of the pub and saw his wife running away fast. He felt so worried.

She was risking her own life just now. What if she endangered herself and the babies?

Huo Yunshen tried to reach out to her but Xu Xiyan shook him off and headed to the car.

Despite her pregnancy, she was still light as a swallow. She got in, started the car and whirled away.


Huo Yunshen flapped on the window in vain. Seeing his own car right next to him, he got in and asked Mo An to follow her.

They speeded along the way until they arrived at the villa. Xu Xiyan pulled over and Huo Yunshen’s car followed.

Huo Yunshen got out and saw his wif

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