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Chapter 1242: Wondered Upon A Second Thought

Their plans were carried out in order. Huo Yunshen received his own treatments as well as taking care of the Jing family.

After a course of treatment and medication, his mania was under control and seldom bothered him.

They believed that he would recover soon.

Outside the hospital, Helian Qingyu was waiting for him in the jeep.

Seeing Huo Yunshen stepping out of the hospital, he called, “Bro, over here!”

“How come you came yourself? Are you giving me a lift?”

Huo Yunshen only asked for his tally. But Helian Qingyu happened not to be occupied. Therefore he came himself to make up for his drunken episode.

“I didn’t make it to the border last time for my silly drunkenness. Let me make it up today. Let’s go!”


Huo Yunshen did not reject it. Helian Qingyu was like a living tally. It would only make it easier for them to cross the border.

On their way, Helian Qingyu could not help asking, “Bro, what did you do across the border last time?”

“We went for my master.”

Huo Yunshen told the truth.

Helian Qingyu found it unbelievable. “Do you mean your master lives across the border? There’s nothing but ice fields beyond that point. How could he live there by himself?”

“Do you know what’s across the border of Estan?” Huo Yunshen asked.

“Of course. It used to be the Dragon Kingdom. But the country was ruined many years ago and has been covered in ice and snow ever since.”

“I heard the iceberg over the Dragon Kingdom has been melting lately.”

“Yeah, I heard that too! How strange!” Helian Qingyu felt excited, then wondered upon second thought, “But what does that have to do with your master?”

“You’ll figure it out soon.”

Huo Yunshen spared a mysterious look instead of providing an explanation and left him with doubts.

Arriving at the border, Helian Qingyu showed his tally. The soldiers saluted to their highest commander and let them pass.

Entering the Dragon Kingdom, they found that Qi Zhengming was already waiting for them with a group of people.


Seeing that Huo Yunshen had come with another person, he wondered, “Who is this…”

“Uncle Ming, let me introduce General Helian Qingyu, the Chief Commander of Estan.”

Then he turned to Helian Qingyu and said, “This is my master, Uncle Ming.”

“Hello, Uncle Ming.”

Helian Qingyu reached out to shake hands with him.

“Pleased to meet you. I’ve heard so much about General Helian Qingyu. I’m also an acquaintance of your father, Helian Wei.”

Qi Zhengming used to assist the former king Long Rui, who had befriended Helian Wei. The two countries also had friendly relations and kept frequent commercial interactions as well as summit meetings.

“So Uncle Ming is a friend of my father. Nice meeting you.”

Helian Qingyu was surprised to know that Huo Yunshen’s master was acquainted with his father.

After getting to know Helian Qingyu, Qi Zh

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