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Chapter 1260: Not Very Helpful

Jing Ruyue tried to recall, “I only know she is Lady White Camellia and always in a veil. She use a white camellia as her symbol and like to wear clothes with camellia patterns. It seems she has a drop-shaped ring. That’s all I know.”

“…” This was not very helpful.

Even her mother had no idea who Lady White Camellia was. Then how could she find her?

Jing Ruyue realized something and cried, “Mo Xie must know it! They planed it together! If I knew my son was still alive I should have asked him. But now we are out of the castle and there’s no way I could ask Mo Xie again.”

Seeing her mother worried, Xu Xiyan got hold of her hand and tried to calm her down, “Mother, don’t worry. I think my brother is still alive. Lady White Camellia bought him and took him out of Zstan. She wouldn’t have done it if she wanted to kill him. Therefore my brother must still be alive.”

“But where could he be now? He was taken away since he was born. Where did they take him? Did he grow up safe and sound? Was he tortured by Lady White Camellia? It’s my fault. I failed to protect him…”

Jing Ruyue felt painful when thinking about this and burst into tears.

“Mother, mother, don’t blame yourself. It’s not your fault!”

Seeing that he mother was unstable and sad, Xu Xiyan held her and suggested, “Mother, let’s go back inside and take some rest!”

When Jing Ruyue stood up she felt everything went black and fell down by the couch again.

“Mother! Mother…”

Xu Xiyan panicked and called out when her mother fell.

Huo Yunshen arrive at home together with Helian Qingyu and witnessed this.

“What’s going on, Jing Xi?”

Huo Yunshen ran to them and helped her carry her mother.

“Honey, she fell again. What shall we do?”

Xu Xiyan was panicking in tears.

Helian Qingyu was there when Jing Ruyue passed out last time. See her falling again he suggested, “Shall we take auntie to the hospital for a thorough medical check?”

Huo Yunshen agreed to his proposal. He held up Jing Ruyue and headed for the car. Xu Xiyan did not have time to change and followed them into the car immediately.

The Top Military District Hospital of Estan was very private and secure. They did not need to worry about Jing Ruyue being exposed to the public.

Arriving at the hospital, Helian Qingyu arranged for an emergency check for Jing Ruyue while the rest of them waited outside.

After half an hour the doctor came out and everybody ran to him.

“How is she, Doctor?”

Xu Xiyan asked eagerly.

“The patient is very weak. We found symptoms of lesion and failure on one of her kidneys. So we suggest to keep her in the hospital for further treatments, in the meanwhile try to find a match and give her a kidney transplant as soon as possible.”

The doctor left after the briefing. Xu Xiyan was shocked and fell into Huo Yunshen’s arms.

“Honey, honey, stay strong!”

“Honey…” Xu Xiyan could not control her

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