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Chapter 1252: The Stupid Baby Brain

His waist was wrapped in bandage, with the left side stained in blood. And there was blood dripping from the edge of the bandage.

“Honey!!! What’s going on?”

Xu Xiyan was shocked. She had no idea that Huo Yunshen was wounded. And the wound was bleeding because of what they did just now.

“I’m sorry, honey. I don’t want to make you worry.”

Now Huo Yunshen had to tell her the truth in order to seek forgiveness.

Xu Xiyan finally realized that her man was not avoiding nor cheating on her. It was only because that he was wounded and did not want to make her worry.

Then he was forced to the pub by Helian Chen. And that was why she saw them there.

She misunderstood him!

“Honey, I’m so so sorry. I shouldn’t have been so sensitive. It’s all my fault! How stupid!”

She was indeed suffering from a baby brain now. Xu Xiyan felt extremely sorry for what she did.

Huo Yunshen pinched her cheek and said gently, “I don’t blame you at all. You are merely acting like a pregnant women.”

Hearing that he was injured because of the ambush for Helian Qingyu, Xu Xiyan warned him, “Honey, promise me you won’t go out again with Helian Qingyu. He is an assassination magnet. Wherever he goes there are troubles. You have to stay away from him!”

Ha, how adorable she was. Huo Yunshen nodded in consent, “Fine. I’ll stay away from him.”

“Stay there. Let me check your wound.”

Xu Xiyan took off the bandage and checked on his wound. She felt heartbroken upon the sight, “It’s cracking and bleeding! This is no good. We have to go to the hospital right now!”

“No big deal. You can help me deal with it.”

“No way! What if it gets infected!”

Xu Xiyan insisted and Huo Yunshen was taken to the hospital again.

Looking at his cracking wound Gu Yici could not help from nagging, “What.. what did I tell you… Didn’t I say no sex? Can’t you try controlling yourself? Do you wish to die?”

Xu Xiyan felt extremely embarrassed upon hearing this. It was all her fault. If she was not trying to lure him or making all the troubles, how could his wound be cracking again?

She sobbed silently. It was all her fault. Please stop blaming him. She was already heartbroken.

Huo Yunshen was about to tell him to shut up. But knowing that Gu Yici was trying to help him, he said, “I see. I will be more careful next time.”

“Next time? You were shot! That’s not a simple cut. If you do it again, I’m telling you, you are doomed. You’d better stay in bed for two weeks!”

Gu Yici said very seriously.

Two weeks?

Huo Yunshen wondered if he could bear staying in bed for two weeks.

Getting out of the hospital, Xu Xiyan drove him home and forced him to go to bed once they got home. “Doctor Gu told you to stay in bed for two weeks. So here you go. You’re all mine now.”

“Honey, don’t listen to him. He’s always exaggerating. I’m fine.”

Huo Yunshen tried to get up while saying so.


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