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Chapter 1226: This Is No Good

When they entered the bedroom, Mo Xie released her and stared at her suspiciously, “What’s going on? Are you OK?”

Mo Xie had extremely fair skin which made him look like a vampire. Qu Na was too scared to even look at him.

When he got closer, Wu Qa stepped back subconsciously and shivered violently.

Mo Xie noticed the difference. Jing Ruyue would never act like that.

Jing Ruyue had always been cold, but never scared.

That woman, she was never afraid of him. So who was this scared girl in front of him…

Mo Xie suddenly got hold of her wrist and stared at her for a while. Then he was shocked and asked, “Who are you?”

Qu Na did not dare to answer.

Mo Xie took her by the throat and rubbed on the edge of her cheek. Soon enough the skin was peeled.

Mo Xie picked the edge and tore off a mask.

The revealed face seemed familiar. Wasn’t she his daughter’s assistant?

Could it be his daughter who had planned this?

To replace Jing Ruyue with Qu Na?

Why did she do this to him?

Mo Xie found it out and was enraged. He yelled at her, “Tell me! What’s going on? Where is Jing Ruyue? If you refuse to tell I will strangle you!”

Qu Na was lifted from the ground, taken by the throat. She could barely breath and was almost choking.

She kept beating on Mo Xie’s arm and begged, “I… will tell you…”

Mo Xie threw her away and Qu Na told him everything about their rescue.

Knowing that Jing Ruyue had already been smuggled out, Mo Xie kicked Qu Na away and darted out of the castle. He ordered the warship to charge at full speed.

The cruise had passed the patrol and was about to cross the magnet shield.

Right then several dark warships came after them. People were calling ithrough speakers, “Stop the ship! Don’t let them go!”

The patrol ships turned immediately to stop them upon hearing the order.

“Shit! My father is after us!”

Lan Ling-Er saw the warships from Ghost Island. She thought they would definitely be dead if they got caught today.

Huo Yunshen saw the steersman sweating. So he took over the steering controls and lad the ship to proceed at full speed.

When they crossed the magnet shield, a bomb fell about two meters behind them. It splashed and soaked their ship and clothes.

Continuous bombing was heard behind them. They could only head forward as fast as they could without any hesitation.

Eventually they got out of the Black Sea. But the Ghost Warship followed them beyond the magnet shield.

The Ghost Warship followed them all the way from the Black Sea to the seas of Estan. When it was about to catch them, a huge number of Estan warships came from all around.

They fired at the Ghost Warship and saved Huo Yunshen’s ship from the hunt.

Thundering fires were heard behind them.

Helian Qingyu turned to look at the battlefield and felt relieved. “Luckily my father helped. Otherwise, we would already be smashed.”

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