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Chapter 1236: An Important Guest

Recalling her own father, Jing Ruyue shed tears again.

Jing Zhannan handed her some tissue and said, “Father missed you too. He will be more than happy to know you are still alive. When you are ready, I’ll take you home to him.”


Jing Ruyue’s death had been such a shock to her father years ago.

Back then, Jing Ruyue was determined to marry Xu Jinshan, but Jing Huoduo was against it. They were so angry at each other that they almost cut off their relationship.

But after all, Jing Huaduo was angry because he loved his daughter so much.

It was catastrophic for him when he heard about Jing Ruyue’s suicide.

He never recovered from the loss of her daughter throughout these years. Whenever he thought of her it made him heartbroken, and he blamed himself for the tragedy.

If he knew that she was still alive, he would be extremely pleased.

Seeing her brother as handsome as he used to be, Jing Ruyue could not help asking, “Brother, did you get married?”

She remembered that her brother and Miss Huo were deeply in love. If they were married their children should be grown-ups by now.

“Not yet.” Jing Zhannan shook his head awkwardly.

“Why? Didn’t you marry her?”

Jing Zhannan knew that she was referring to Huo Yijing. He shook his head again. “At the beginning father was against it. Then she married someone else. She just got divorced recently. And I’m trying my best now.”

“Do whatever you can, brother.”

“Yes, I will.”

As for whether he could win back Huo Yijing, Jing Zhannan really had no confidence in himself.

Three days later, a very important guest visited the Yunjing Villa.

President Helian Wei and his son Helian Qingyu paid a private visit to them.

Several limousines drove into the garden and pulled over by the fountain. The retinues got out of the cars and opened the doors.

Ying Bao was playing some games in the front yard. She saw the cars and stood up.

Recognizing her third daddy, Helian Qingyu, she got excited and ran to them. “Third Daddy, what brought you here?”

“I came to see you, my sweetheart.”

Helian Qingyu bent down to pick up Ying Bao, and pressed his forehead against hers.

Following him, Helian Wei got out of the car. Seeing Qingyu holding a child he asked, “Is this Huo Yunshen and Jing Xi’s daughter?”

“Yeah, father. Isn’t she a cutie pie?”


Helian Wei stared at the chubby little face and felt his heart soften at the sight of her.

How adorable!

She was his grand-daughter!

“Can I hold her?” Helian Qingyu put away his manners and asked abruptly.

“Let me ask her.” Helian Qingyu turned to ask for the little girl’s permission. “Sweetie, this grandpa wants to hold you, if you don’t mind?”

“Why? Who is he?”

Ying Bao learned over Helian Qingyu’s shoulder with her eyes wide open, staring curiously at Helian Wei.

“He is your third daddy’s daddy. So you can ca

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