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Chapter 1223: No Can Do!

Mo Yutian let go of his wife and turned to look at the source of the cough. It was from his little sister who had just gotten home.

“Why did you not report when you got back?” Mo Yutian scolded.

“Why do I even have to report when coming back to my own home?” Lan Ling’er asked, with her assistant and two other bodyguards standing beside her as she walked forward.

“Looks like your relationship with my sister-in-law is getting better,” Lan Ling’er joked. “I’m getting jealous.”

“Aren’t you the same? Getting what you want?”

Mo Yutian was referring to Lan Ling’er’s wedding with Helian Qingyu; he had already gotten wind of the proposal.

“Yes, and that’s why I’m here, to tell you the good news. I’ll be married to the General soon, and I hope you can give us your blessings.”

“I won’t go against your wishes,” Mo Yutian said and paused. “But I do have a condition. You are to get me Estan’s Military Deployment Map once you have the chance.”

Mo Yutian planned on using his own sister to get the most guarded secrets of Estan.

Lan Ling’er turned to look at Helian Qingyu, disguised as a guard, awkwardly. She never thought that her brother would say something like that.

She was worried that Helian QIngyu might be angered by it.

“Are you asking me to be a spy?” Lan Ling’er asked, not willing to do what her brother has requested.

Lan Ling’er really wanted to have a good life with Helian Qingyu, and stealing was not part of her plan.

“Of course. Do you really think that I allowed you to marry into the Helian family just for happiness?”

“Why can’t I? You got your happiness, I want mine too! If you’re asking me to betray QIngyu, then I’m sorry, but I’m not going to do it!”

“You pass,” Mo Yutian smiled. “I’m just testing you. It’s true that they say girls have outgoing personalities.”

“…” Lan Ling’er sighed, almost believing her brother’s request was real.

Just as Lan Ling’er was thinking of a way to get to the Phantom Island, Long Xie’s servant arrived before them, requesting the queen to meet with the former emperor.

Mo Yutian wanted to refuse, but Alice was already feeling better and said, “I want to meet mum…”

Alice has been accompanying Jing Ruyue as Jing Xi for the past few days, and that gave her a chance to feel what it was like to be loved by a parent.

Since Jing Xi gave her happiness, Alice felt that the most that she could do to repay the favor were to take care of Jing Ruyue.

“All right, I’ll send someone to go with you,” Mo Yutian said, unable to accompany his wife because he has a matter to attend to.

“Brother, why don’t I accompany her?” Lan Ling’er took the chance and asked. “I kinda missed our father too.”

“Fine,” Mo Yutian agreed. “But you better take good care of her! If anything happens to Jing Xi, I’ll feed you to the sharks!”

“I get it!”

And so, Lan Ling’er left Mo Yutian’s room with her companions and Alice. They board

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