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Chapter 1231: Wishful Thinking

Helian Wei gave Yun Xuerou a chance to explain herself, but not in the White Tower. In a small pavilion.

“Speak. What do you want?” Helian Wei asked with his back towards Yun Xuerou.

“I know that you don’t like me and want a divorce, but I really hope you will reconsider,” Yun Xuerou said. “Our kid is an adult now, and he’s about to have his own family. If we have a divorce now, it will have a bad impact on him.”

“You’re right, he’s an adult now. Which means that he can live on his own and our divorce has nothing to do with him. The divorce must happen, and I will fulfill any conditions you want.”

Helian Wei was already at the stage where he would abandon everything, even his position as the President, to live with Jing Ruyue.

“What if I say I want the Moon Castle and the Rose Garden?” Yun Xuerou asked.


The Moon Castle and the Rose Garden were both built for Jing Ruyue, and Helian Wei had already given them to their daughter, Jing Xi. There was no way he could agree to that.

“See! You can’t fulfill all of my conditions!” Yun Xuerou scolded. “I’ve been staying by your side for years and you never even cared for me. You would only act like a good husband in public! Why can’t you keep on acting? Why do you want a divorce?”

Helian Wei knew why, but he could not tell Yun Xuerou that the reason was Jing Ruyue.

“Because you have failed as the First Lady and you must step down from your position,” Helian Wei explained.

“Failed? Then how about you? You never did your part as my husband ever since we were married 20 years ago!”

“You’re right, and that’s why I want the divorce. Because I’m not fit to be your husband. I’m giving you your freedom, what more do you want?”

“But we have our own child!” Yun Xuerou shouted, using Helian Qingyu as her last chess piece.

“You should know better than anyone how we have our son! You climbed onto my bed yourself when I was drunk!”

“I… I did that because I love you… Please… At least do it for our son… I don’t want a divorce…” Yun Xuerou kept on begging.

“You know that I would have never married you if you were not pregnant with QIngyu and that I’ve been tolerating you because of him too. Now that he’s a grown man, I have no such obligations anymore.”

The thing that Helian Wei regretted the most was allowing Yun Xuerou to get close to him when he lost Jing Ruyue.

Helian Wei had vowed that he would not touch another woman other than Jing Ruyue, but he broke it, and he was ashamed of it.

But what Helian Wei did not know was that he had never had any intercourse with Yun Xuerou. It was all fake.

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