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Chapter 1262: Ran Into Her Affair

In the East Lake Summer Resort.

Clothes were scattered around.

The man and woman were indulging in a climax.

The woman was moaning lasciviously.

Right then her phone on the table rang.

Yun Xuerou did not answer but it rang persistently. She tried to get up but was locked down by Helian Xiong.

“Leave it!”

“What if it’s an emergency… hum… ah…”

“Nothing could be more urgent than our business right now.”

Helian Xiong did not let her go.

Yun Xuerou was moaning even louder. She could only get satisfied by Helian Xiong since Helian Wei never touched her.

It was not the first time she did this with Helian Xiong.

Helian Wei made her live like a grass widow. But she was not bearing it. Helian Xiong had gotten her into this affair two years ago.

She stayed for a few days in the summer resort every month to meet Helian Xiong.

A few days earlier, when Helian Wei had found out and thrown the pictures at her face, she did panic for a little while.

Later she realized that even with evidence he would never make it public.

Therefore she barely restrained herself for a few days before she started seeing Helian Xiong again.

They had a climax, rested for half an hour and started another round.

Helian Qingyu arrived at the East Lake Summer Resort, parked his car and entered the villa.

There were no guards or butlers. No one lived here. Only the cleaners came once in a while.

He entered with the code and found clothes scattered around.

His first thought was, Was there a break-in?

When he saw that there were both a man’s and a woman’s clothes, he realized that something was going on.

Getting further into the villa, he heard some indistinct moaning.

Helian Qingyu surely knew what that was. And his steps became pounding.

He did not dare to think further. It was his mother who came to stay here now and then. Could that be her?

If yes, who was she with right now?

No wonder she had not answered his call. She had been busy with this man!

Helian Qingyu had no idea about what agreement his parents had. Perhaps never to get into each other’s business?

But right then, as a son, Helian Qingyu could not bear to see his mother hanging out with another man.

He came closer and closer until he reached the door. Via the half-closed door, he could vaguely see the couple indulging themselves in the bed.

The moans of the man and woman were very ugly.

“Ah, Xiong… You’re so good…”

She called him “Xiong.” Could that be his uncle Helian Xiong?

So his mother had been cheating on his father with his own uncle?

Helian Qingyu clinched his fists further while he felt enraged.

Helian Xiong swaggered, asking, “Rourou, so me and Helian Wei, who is better?”

“Definitely you… ah… ah… He is no good…”

Helian Wei worked harder upon hearing this.


How disgusting!

He had literally run into hi

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