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Chapter 1244: A Hard Fight

Suddenly a bullet came out of nowhere. It broke the window and brushed past Helian Qingyu’s nose.

“Shit, an ambush!”

Helian Qingyu pressed down on the accelerator and tried to speed up. But intensive bullets came from behind and hit the car.

In order to dodge the bullets, Helian Qingyu kept zigzagging and eventually got out of the attack.

The car sped toward the mountain road. Before they reached the mountain they already saw the ambush, with sentries on both sides.

Bullets were shot at the car, hitting the windshield and barely missing them.

“Bro, in the black case under your seat, there are weapons we can use.”

Helian Qingyu was driving and could not reach for the weapons.

But he turned to realize that the man next to him had already gotten hold of the weapons and assembled them.

Huo Yunshen had a sharp sense for assembling weapons and sniping. He reached out the window and fired back.

In a few shots the enemies were hit and fell down from the mountain.


He’d barely finished his words just now!

He was so fast!

Helian Qingyu was filled with admiration and yelled, “How did you know I had guns in the car?”

“I saw them last time.”

They survived the first two rounds, but did not realize that there was a third one.

Their rivals were definitely after Helian Qingyu and wanted him dead. There were rocks scattered on the road.

They could not drive through and had to turn back.

Upon turning back they found that the road had already been blocked off by a few cars.

They stood aggressively on the cars and pointed the guns right at them.

“There’s gonna be a hard fight today.”

Helian Qingyu’s handsome eyes got stern as he took the guns and bullets from Huo Yunshen. They exchanged a look and got out to hide behind the car.

Huo Yunshen started shooting and their rivals fell down from the cars one after another.

Bang, bang, bang…

The fight began.

Their enemies had sufficient fire supply and kept shooting at them.

Huo Yunshen and Helian Qingyu could not afford to continuously suppress due to the limited ammo. They had to make each of their bullets count.

They made one shot after another, and their enemies were taken down one after another.

Huo Yunshen and Helian Qingyu worked together perfectly.

They hid behind the rear of the car. Helian Qingyu turned to Huo Yunshen and mocked, “We are Damon and Pythias now!”

Last time they were attacked in the small town in the south, they lay wounded in the bar. Today they fought together again.

“My wife saved your life. Take it seriously!”

Upon saying so, Huo Yunshen turned to shoot again, and so did Helian Qingyu.

After half an hour, they had managed to take down all the enemies.

Huo Yunshen stepped out and kicked the dead bodies. “Who are they?”

Helian Qingyu checked around and could only tell that they were from Estan. “No idea. They prob

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