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Chapter 1228: A Whole World In Between Them

Seeing him again, Jing Ruyue could not help bursting into tears. No one knew what she had gone through these years.

Time stopped at that moment.

The man on the shore felt the same way. He stared at her silently with tears in his eyes.

She was finally back!


She looked no less charming and breathtaking.

But she seemed so weak, as if she was a tiny butterfly that could be blown away by a stronger breeze.

Seeing her back alive, Helian Wei was mad with joy and excitement.

How he wished that he could run to her and embrace her.

But right now there was a whole world between them. He could do nothing but watch her silently.

Eventually, Jing Ruyue was the one who managed to turn away. She collected her sorrow and got off the ship step by step, supported by Huo Yunshen.

She was slim and weak, and far from fully recovered. It was hard enough for her to walk.

It took her a long while to walk across the ten-meter board. And she almost fell off when she stepped onto the ground.

Luckily Huo Yunshen was by her side and kept her from falling.

Seeing her almost fall, Helian Wei’s heart skipped a beat.

He stood there and saw her pass by in front of him. He reached out his hand but could only pull it back in vain.

They were indeed the most intimate strangers to each other now.

Seeing her mother coming back safe and sound, Jing Xi ran to her and hugged her hard. “Mother…”

She could no longer hold her tears. She just wanted to stay with her mother and never be parted again.

Jing Ruyue was surprised to see a man running to her and calling her mother.

It made her feel helpless.

She turned to Huo Yunshen for an explanation.

“This is Jing Xi. She is just disguised as a man.”

He patted his wife on the back and tried to calm her down. “Jing Xi, let’s take auntie home now!”

Jing Xi released her mother, wiped the tears and held her arm, “Mother, let’s go home!”

Recognizing her daughter’s voice, Jing Ruyue felt relieved. When she left the wharf with them, she turned to take a glance at the man standing by the shore.

He seemed sad and lonely.

Jing Ruyue turned away, as she knew it was their fate.

She had known since many years ago that he was already married to another woman.

She shed a tear when turning away, and said silently to him, Take care, Feng.

Huo Yunshen asked Jing Xi to take Jing Ruyue back to Yunjing Villa. The battle was not over. He and Helian Qingyu had to stay here with the president.

Inside Yunjing Villa.

Xu Xiyan washed off her makeup, got dressed and changed back to herself.

When coming to her mother again, they stared at each other in tears for a long while. Then Jing Ruyue opened her arms and said, “Yanyan, come to mother.”


Xu Xiyan did not want to control herself any further. She jumped into her arms and they cried on each other’s shoulder.

Jing Ruy

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