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Chapter 1254: Something Wrong

“Still need her for a while. Mo Xie has sent people here. You need to be more cautious.”

“Sure. I already enhanced our security.”

They both knew that Mo Xie would not give up. He was definitely sending people to Estan for Jing Ruyue.

Therefore Huo Yunshen already had the Yunjing Villa under intensive guard. He would never let them come any closer.

On their way Huo Yunshen asked Helian Qingyu, “How do you get along with Helian Chen?”

“He is a cousin from my eldest uncle’s. Not bad. He is good at doing business, and handling women.”

“Look out for him. He is likely to become a formidable political enemy for you.”

Huo Yunshen tried to warn Helian Qingyu. His intuition told him that there was something wrong about Helian Chen.

Being good at doing business and handling women might be his disguise.

He associated Helian Qingyu and Helian Chen’s relation with what happened to himself.

What happened between him and his cousin Huo Jingtang was a bloody lesson.

“OK. I see.”

Helian Qingyu agreed to pay more attention. But he reasoned that Helian Chen was just a collateral relative and could not do much harm to him.

Later on it turned out that he was underestimating his enemy. Like people said, cats always hid their claws.

Inside the Ghost Castle in Lstan.

Mo Xie’s men came with some update every other while.

“Idiot! All Idiots! You can’t even find a woman!”

Mo Xie was outrageous because his men found no trace of Jing Ruyue till now.

“Your Highness, our apologies. Although wee did not find Mrs Jing, we found Princess Lan.”

“Lan Ling-Er? Where is she?”

Mo Xie had to ask this traitor why she betrayed her own father for those people.

They brought Lan Ling-Er and had her kneeled in front of Mo Xie.


“So you know I am your father. Then why did you betray me?”

Mo Xie pounded on the table and questioned.

“Father, Ling-Er did not betray you. I was forced to do so. How dared I if I was not under threat?”

“Do you still think I will believe you? Like your mother, you both betrayed me! You should know what awaits you now as a traitor.”

Lan Ling-Er was frightened. Of course she knew what it cost to be a traitor.

A traitor must be sentenced.

She heard that he killed her mother Lan Qiwei years ago because she betrayed him.

Thinking of that Lan Ling-Er started begging, “Father, forgive me please. I don’t want to die. I’m sorry!”

“You should have thought of that when you betrayed me! Guards! Send her to the dungeon!”

Mo Xie gave the order and the guards were about to get her. Lan Ling-Er was screaming.

Right then a woman came in and yelled, “Stop it!”

Following the voice Mo Xie saw Lady White White Camellia.

Lady White White Camellia came to Lan Ling-Er and turned to question Mo Xie, “Brother Xie, are you seriously killing your own daughter? Are you really so ruthless?”

Lan Ling-Er won

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