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Chapter 1241: Bring Her Back

Helian Wei sat on the couch with a cigar between his fingers while he stared into the ceiling as if he was thinking about something, but in truth, he was worried about Jing Ruyue.

He felt relief when he learned that she was okay, and only needed time to recover from her weak body.

Helian Wei really wished that he could bring Jing Ruyue back to his place so that he could take care of her.

“Mr. President, Qingyu, I’ll take my leave now. Are you guys staying?” Gu Yici asked as he had something else to do.

“No, let’s leave together,” Helian Qingyu said.

They waited for Huo Yunshen and Xu Xiyan to come down and said their goodbyes before leaving the Yunjing Manor.

At first, the family planned to wait for Jing Ruyue to get better and bring her back to Zstan to meet Jing Huaduo.

But since Jing Ruyue was still weak, they had to push their plan to a later date.

A few days after Helian Wei visited, Xu Xiyan helped her mother to the living room where an old man was waiting.

The closer Jing Ruyue got to the old man, the harder it felt for her. She fell beneath the old man’s feet and cried, “Dad…”

“Yueyue… It’s really you…” Jing Huaduo sobbed as he helped his daughter up.

Ever since Xu Xiyan moved to Estan, she had been looking for a way to get her grandfather to live with her. But the old man was stubborn and did not want to leave the place he grew up in.

But Xu Xiyan finally succeeded when the old man learned that his daughter was still alive, and it pained him to see the state that his daughter was in.

“Oh, my daughter… What have I done… I should not have blamed you…” Jing Huaduo cried as he recalled how he had pushed his daughter away in the past.

Jing Huaduo only learned about the truth after he saw Landscape, about how his daughter was being coerced into a miserable life.

He blamed himself for not being able to notice it as her father and not offering her any form of protection.

“It’s all right, let’s just leave what’s in the past as it is,” Jing Ruyue comforted. “I’m alive, aren’t I?”

“You’re right… As long as you’re alive…”

Jing Huaduo did some thinking and wondered why he was still staying in Peijing when his family was all in Estan.

“You win,” Jing Huaduo said to Xu Xiyan. “I’ve decided to move here too. Our family will no longer be apart.”

Xu Xiyan was glad to hear her grandfather changing his mind.

She had already discussed it with her uncle. They decided to let Jing Huaduo stay in Jing Zhannan’s rarely used mansion if he ever decided to move to Estan.

But for the time being, Jing Huaduo would be staying in JS’s base with Jing Zhannan until everything at the mansion was sorted out, while Jing Ruyue would continue to remain in Yunjing Manor so that Xu XIyan could help her get her health back.

Huo Yunshen and Xu Xiyan also planned to open another clinic in Estan for Jing Huaduo, shifting Renjing Chinese Medicine Hall’s

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