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Chapter 1246: Too Alluring!

As they always said, a man could easily cheat on his pregnant wife. Normally Xu Xiyan would never distrust her husband.

But now she was pregnant!

She was entitled to be a bit oversensitive.

She remembered that he was in a different suit when he’d left home earlier on. So she asked, “When did you get changed?”

Huo Yunshen felt a bit nervous and tried to cover it. “It got stained. So I bought another one.”

To stop her from further questioning, Huo Yunshen tried to change the topic. “Come on, honey, let’s go inside.”

Xu Xiyan did not ask further. She tried to hold him around the waist but her man snuck away and moved to her right side.

Something is wrong!

Definitely wrong!

Xu Xiyan was sensitive enough to tell it. But she tried to convince herself that it was her being oversensitive.

Huo Yunshen loved her wholeheartedly. Even if every other man on earth would cheat, he would definitely not.

It made her feel better to think this way.

In the evening, Xu Xiyan took a bath and got into her new nightwear.

It was very thin and sexy. She’d bought it for him.

She came out of the bathroom, entered the bedroom and found that Huo Yunshen was focusing on his book as if he didn’t see her.


Xu Xiyan called him sweetly, slightly lifted the dress and asked when he raised his head, “Do you like it?”

Seeing his wife in such hot nightwear, Huo Yunshen found his blood flowing reversely. It was way too alluring!

She was literally seducing him!

But he could not do it tonight because of the wound!

What torture!


Huo Yunshen forced himself to calm down and planed to make it up when he got recovered.

He turned back to his book again and left Xu Xiyan wondering, Could the book look better than I do?”

He was obviously being perfunctory when he said “absolutely” just now!

Xu Xiyan was not giving up. She got onto the bed, snuck into his arms and cuddled him around his waist

She happened to hit his wound on the left side of his waist and Huo Yunshen groaned slightly in pain. But he tried hard to bear it.

Hearing that his voice had changed, she felt certain that he was provoked. She tried further, “Honey, it’s bedtime.”

“Yes, honey, goodnight.”

Huo Yunshen placed a kiss upon her forehead, and kept reading his book.



Xu Xiyan was about to blow. How could he still remain calm while she played so hard?

She was so not giving up. She pushed away his book, cuddled him on the neck and insisted, “Honey, it’s our bedtime!”


Huo Yunshen surrendered and they lay down together. Then, nothing happened.

Xu Xiyan found it unbelievable. Was this still her dear husband?

How could he be so apathetic?

Under the quilt, she placed her leg on him and could distinctively sense his response.

But why was he refraining from caressing her?

Was it because she was pregnant?

Or wa

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