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Chapter 1238: The Familiar Taste

While staying here Jing Ruyue was deeply concerned about being a burden to her daughter and son-in-law.

“No way! Mother, you’ve been busy preparing for the whole morning. You have to join us. Come on, everyone else is waiting!”

Xu Xiyan gave her mother no excuse and dragged her downstairs.

Following her daughter, Jing Ruyue walked toward the dining room. The closer they got to the room the more suspicious she felt upon hearing the voices.

Who are their guests today?

Opening the door, Xu Xiyan took her mother into the dining room, while people turned to look at them.

When Jing Ruyue saw Helian Wei, she felt shocked and perplexed. She wanted to leave right away. “No… I’d better go.”

“Mother, we are already here. Take a seat!”

Xu Xiyan thought her mother was merely being shy. So she pulled her into her seat.

Jing Ruyue sat across from Xu Xiyan and next to Helian Qingyu. To the right of Helian Qingyu, there was Helian Wei.

This is very inappropriate! Being too close to him made her extremely nervous and she was almost choking.

Ever since she was seated, she felt like she was sitting on thorns.

She had no idea about how the others felt. As for herself, she just wanted to run away from him.

“Mother, don’t be nervous. Let me introduce our guests. This is President Helian Wei. He gave us great support when Yunshen and General Qingyu saved you.”

Xu Xiyan officially introduced him, while Jing Ruyue kept looking down and nodding in acknowledgment.

“Sitting next to you is General Helian Qingyu. I’m sure you remember him,” Xu Xiyan continued.

“…” Jing Ruyue kept nodding without raising her head.

Finishing the introduction, Xu Xiyan turned to the two honored guests. “Mr. President and General Qingyu, let’s get started. Help yourself please. My mother cooked for you herself, just to express our great appreciation.”

Hearing that Jing Ruyue had cooked for them, Helian Wei was surprised and could not help stealing a glance at her.

It had been so long since she had last cooked for him. He had almost forgotten the taste.

He picked up the knife and fork, and took one bite of the most delicately plated dish on the table. There came the familiar taste as well as the sweet memories.

It was indeed her cooking. He could tell at once.

Ever since he had tried her cooking many years ago, he had lost his appetite for whatever others made. He thought that he had lost his sense of taste.

But he realized now that it was not him losing his taste, but rather his stomach longing for her cooking.

“This is great! Just as I remembered.”

Helian Wei said it genuinely. But Helian Qingyu sensed the implication and asked curiously, “Father, what do you remember? Do you mean you have tried Auntie Jing’s dishes before?”

Jing Ruyue heard it too and took a glance at him in surprise.

Helian Wei realized that he was being inappropriate. He coughed awk

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