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Chapter 1259: Keeping It A Secret

“Is he very handsome and attractive? Is that why you fell in love with him and was willing to risk your life for him?” Xu Xiyan asked.

“…” Jing Ruyue remained silent, but in her heart, she agreed with her daughter.

Yes! Feng is that kind of person! A man that I’m willing to jump into the fire for!

“Mum, look at this. Do you still remember that he gave you this?” Xu Xiyan asked as she showed her mother the sungrass brooch.

The brooch was Feng’s token of love for Jing Ruyue. It hurt Jing Ruyue’s heart to see it again.

“Mum, what kind of brooch is this? Someone told me that it’s the symbol that the Dragon Kingdom’s royals used.”


Jing Ruyue took the brooch and held it in her hand. Even though more than 10 years have passed, the brooch still shone under the sunlight.

It reminded her of the time when Feng put the brooch on her hand.

“Little Moon,” Feng said. “This is the thing that I treasure the most. It’s yours now. You’re the only one who’s worth having it.”

“Oh, my! What a beautiful brooch!” Jing Ruyue exclaimed.

“It’s not a brooch, but a royal medal,” Feng corrected.

“I want to pass this down to our child so that he or she can pass it down to their child too…” Jing Ruyue smiled as she pinned the important looking brooch onto her shirt.

“Let me guess, is my father from the Dragon Kingdom?”

Xu Xiyan’s voice pulled Jing Ruyue back from her memories. Thinking that the Dragon Kingdom was long gone and Xu Xiyan has no way to trace it, Jing Ruyue nodded.

“So, it’s true!” Xu Xiyan exclaimed. “Then is he one of the royalties?”

“Please, Yanyan, what’s the point in asking? The Dragon Kingdom is long gone,” Jing Ruyue said. She dropped her head slightly, not wanting to tell her daughter the truth.

She believed that it was all too late for them.

Xu Xiyan could feel that her mother was trying to keep the fact of her father a secret, so she asked her mother another question.

“All right. Then let me ask you another question,” Xu Xiyan changed the topic. “You were pregnant with two babies, and I’m supposed to have a brother, am I right?”

“Yes, but his fate was sealed before he could even breathe…”

Losing her other child was one of the impacts that will leave a scar in Jing Ruyue’s heart for life.

“No, that Xu Jinshan bastard lied to you! He sold my brother away as soon as he was born!” Xu Xiyan told her mother the truth.”

“What?” Jing Ruyue exclaimed. “Sold? To who?”

“Someone called the Lady White Tea. Have you heard of her? If we can locate her, then we can find my brother!”

Xu Xiyan stared at her mother. She remembered that her mother mentioned Lady White Tea in her script, so Xu Xiyan thought she knew who Lady White Tea was.

And the fastest way to find her brother was by asking Jing Ruyue.

Jing Ruyue tried to look through her memories to find anything about Lady White Tea.

“What should we do? I don’t e

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