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Xu Xiyan seriously doubted he would ever allow her to go out again.

The news of Helian Qingyu and Lan Ling-Er’s engagement was spread throughout the world.

Everyone knew that the son of the president of Estan got engaged with Lan Lin-Er. Li Ruochu saw it in the newspaper in Zstan too.

Seeing the picture of Helian Qingyu and Lan Ling-Er in the engagement ceremony, she felt overwhelmingly heartbroken.

They told her that last time Helian Qingyu faked his relationship with Lan Ling-Er in order to save Jing Xi. But what was this about now?

Jing Xi was saved. But they still got engaged. What could that mean?

It could only mean that he was serious!

Helian Qingyu had fallen in love with Lan Ling-Er!

Alas… She knew she should not have had expectations. But she could not control her own heart.

Now that they were officially engaged, her secret wish finally came to nothing.

Heartbroken… Indescribable pain was devouring her.

If it was not for the child she was carrying, she barely had any other reason to live.

Helian Qingyu, it was my hugest mistake to fall in love with you…

After Helian Qingyu’s engagement ceremony, they immediately started planning for a second visit to Lstan.

It was set to be the following morning. Huo Yunshen and Helian Qingyu disguised as Lan Ling-Er’s bodyguards as they had done last time.

They prepared another mask for Jing Ruyue too.

Xu Xiyan accompanied them to the wharf. She hoped that they could come back safe and sound no matter if they could save her mother this time or not.

The ship set sail toward the Black Sea and successfully entered Lstan. They came to Palace Fillieres and met Mo Yutian and Alice.

Mo Yutian and Alice were sitting in the garden under the sun. Mo Yutian was half squatting by her side and placing his ear on her belly.

Alice enjoyed their life sincerely. She was filled with happiness to have Mo Yutian being exceptionally nice to her and the child.

Mo Yutian must have a profound love for Jing Xi. That was why he treated her so meticulously ever since she got pregnant.

Perhaps if he was not what he was brought up to be, he could really have made a very good husband.

“He is still tiny and can’t hear anything.”

“He surely can. They say a father and his child are connected. I can definitely feel him.”

Mo Yutian raised his head and smiled at her.

Alice found that her heart stopped for a second. She was stunned that a devil could have the smile of an angel.

He must be very happy to be able to put on such a hearty smile.

If only she was not a clone, and he was not the king of Lstan, they could make such a perfect couple.

However, the truth was biting. The loss she was going to take was much more than the happiness she received.

Whenever thinking of this, Alice could not help weeping.

“What’s up? Why are you crying again?”

Mo Yutian got up and sat down by her. He cuddled her and wiped her te

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