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Mo Xie wished to kill Jing Xi. If only he had known that she had such plans, he would have never let her come to Jing Ruyue.

Mo Yutian figured out what had happened and tried to explain. “Jing Xi did not take them there. It was Ling-Er. You should blame Ling-Er for it.”

“Whatever! You are all in this! You get my Yue-Er back!”

“Father, calm down!”

“How am I supposed to calm down! My Yue-Er is gone!”

Mo Xie was so mad that he passed out after vomiting some blood.


Mo Yutian had Mo Xie carried to his room and asked for a doctor to take care of him.

Then he turned to Jing Xi. “Was that you?”

Alice did not explain much. Mo Yutian could barely do anything to her. He understood how badly she wanted to save her mother.

“Fine. Even if it was you, I will take the blame from father. No worries!”

“Thank you, Yutian.”

Alice knew that as long as Mo Yutian was on her side, Mo Xie could do nothing to her.

When the war was over, Huo Yunshen left the wharf with Helian Qingyu and his father.

He thanked them again and proposed to hold an appreciation party for them at the villa later.

It would be improper for Helian Wei to attend. But he agreed to his proposal somehow for the sake of Jing Ruyue.

Helian Wei returned to the presidential palace very depressed.

The butler reported, “Mr. President, Lawyer Qi has been waiting.”


Helian Wei stepped into the white chamber and met Qi Fang in the parlor. Qi Fang stood up and he waved for him to sit down.

“Mr. President, as you mentioned, I have proposed a divorce to your wife. But she did not agree.”

Qi Fang had talked to Yun Xuerou in private about the divorce. But she was completely against it. So there was not much he could do at this point.

“There has to be a divorce!”

Helian Wei was resolute. Ever since he saw his Xiao Yueliang coming back alive, he knew that he could no longer stand this woman.

“It is better to have a peaceful divorce by consent. Try to talk to her again and see what she wants.”

“I see.”

After their conversation, Qi Fang left the white chamber for Yun Xuerou again.

An hour later, Yun Xuerou’s voice was heard from outside. “Helian… I want to see Helian… Let me in!”

The guards disagreed. “No one can enter the white chamber without the President’s permission!”

“I’m Mrs. President! How can you do this to me!?”

The guard remained untouched.

Yun Xuerou was outraged. How could the guard stop her in her own house?

“Helian… Helian…”

She kept calling and eventually Helian Wei showed up. The man seemed cold as ice as if she was a stranger.

“Helian, finally you showed up.”

“What do you want?”

Since Old Man Xia was caught, Helian Wei found out about what Yun Xuerou had done. She thought he was merely warning her by proposing a divorce, until his lawyer Qi Fang came to her.

There was no way!

She would rather die than get divorced!

Now she

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