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Chapter 1256: Not Suitable For Conceiving

Lady White Camellia knew that she could no longer hide from her, so she urged instead, “Now that you know who I am. I hope you will keep it a secret.”

“Sure. I won’t tell anyone.”

Lan Ling-Er realized why Yun Xuerou had been so good to her. That was the reason.

Since Mo Xie already started looking for Jing Ruyue, Lady White Camellia did not stay too long before she left Lstan.

Inside Palace Fillieres.

A few imperial physicians were checking on the queen. The result of their consultation was, “Your Majesty, we have applied medicines to prevent miscarriage and Her Highness has been taking it for a while. It should have been fine. Right now we could not identify the reason for bleeding.”

Hearing that they could not find the problem, Mo Yutian was enraged, “You quacks! How could you not be able to find the reason? What do we hire you for?”

One of the physicians answered in panic, “Your Majesty, probably because it is the Her Highness’ first conceiving. Therefore there has been some bleeding…”

Mo Yutian kicked him away before he could finish, “Non sense! You get out!”

Jing Xi already gave birth to Ying Bao five years ago. How could it be her first time?

Those quacks were only making excuses for their incompetence.

Mo Yutian would never believe them. He ordered instead, “Go find me a proper doctor. There’s no way we could not find even one competent doctor throughout Lstan.”

When the doctor said “first conceiving”, Alice felt like collapsing.

She knew that it was indeed her first time.

She wanted to give Mo Yutian a child. However, being a clone made her not suitable for conceiving.

Conceiving a baby would only overwhelm her physical functions and accelerate the decaying of her body.

That was why she kept bleeding despite of the medicines to prevent miscarriage.

That was also why the doctors failed to find the reason. But she did not dare to tell her man.

Right after Mo Yutian’s men left, another guard ran into the room. “Your Majesty, His Highness Long Xie wants a word with you in the castle.”

Why was his father asking for him right now?

He was reluctant but had to pay a visit. He urged his wife to take some good rest and left for the castle.

Meeting Mo Xie in the castle, Mo Yutian asked, “Father, why did you ask for me?”

Mo Xie seemed gloomy and his eyes were filled with terror. He asked, “Do you have any idea of Huo Yunshen’s really identity?”

Mo Yutian gave it a good thought and replied, “He is Zeus.”

“No, no, no.”

Mo Xie waved in denial. He walked back and forth then stoped in front of him, “I suppose he is the son of Long Rui.”


Mo Yutian was shocked. He questioned his father with his eyes wide open, “How could that be possible?”

“I’m just guessing. There’s nothing solid right now.”

In order to find out about Huo Yunshen, Long Xie asked, “You need to send someone to him and try to g

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