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Chapter 1235: Remorse

Jing Ruyue’s expression darkened, and she sighed when she heard her daughter mentioning Feng.

“Who is he? Where is he now?” Xu Xiyan asked, waiting eagerly for her mother to give her the answer.

Yet Jing Ruyue remained silent.

“Mum, please tell me,” Xu XIyan begged. “We can find him if he’s still alive. I can even help you if you want to be back with him…”

“Stop it…” Jing Ruyue muttered, not wanting to talk about it.

After a few minutes of silence, Jing Ruyue raised her head, showing her tear covered face.

“Yanyan… It’s not that I don’t want to tell you, but it’s already too late,” Jing Ruyue said. “Feng has his own family now, and I don’t want to disturb him. I’m sure you can understand that…”

“Mum… I’m sorry…” Xu XIyan also began to cry as she hugged her mother.

She understood what her mother meant and knew that it would be rude to disturb her father’s peace.

Her mother would also be labeled as the third party in her father’s marriage and might bring troubles onto their own doorstep.

Instead of living with that kind of pressure, they would rather live the remainder of their lives peacefully.

Xu Xiyan did not mind if she could never find her father, because she was already living a happy life even without him.

What was essential for her to was to cherish life with her mother.

Xu Xiyan did not ask her mother about her father any further.

Jing Zhannan got word that his sister was still alive the next day and went straight to the Yunjing Manor.

He took off his military uniform and changed into casual clothing. The moment he stepped into the manor’s living room, his eyes were focused on the woman sitting on the couch.

He could tell from the woman’s back that she was skinny, so thin that it felt like she had no meat under her skin. The woman was completely different from how he remembered her.

“Little sis…” Jing Zhannan called out.

Surprised by someone calling her, Jing Ruyue turned to see a silhouette of a tall and well-built man standing by the door.

She stood up slowly, her eyes never leaving the man. When the man walked closer to her, she could finally make out who the visitor was. He was her brother, Jing Zhannan.


“Little sis…”

Jing Ruyue ran into Jing Zhannan’s arms and cried.

Tears also began to fall down Jing Zhannan’s cheeks.

Jing Zhannan almost could not believe that his sister was still alive after she had been pronounced dead for more than a decade.

He blamed himself for not being able to protect her, for not being able to notice that she was being mistreated by Xu Jinshan.

“Yueyue… I’m so sorry… I could not protect you…”

“Brother, it’s not your fault… I don’t blame you…” Jing Ruyue shook her head, not blaming her brother because she was scared of telling her family her conditions in the past.

She did that so that she could protect them.

But everything was in the past and what was

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