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It was an extremely sweet film that was therapeutic and heartwarming. It was also Huo Yunshen’s first career comeback work after his recovery.

On the first day of release it swept through major theaters with romance, and after three days the box office broke 1.2 billion yuan, becoming one of the sweetest and most touching romantic films of the year.

Netizens had promoted the film by word of mouth. After watching the film, they left even better reviews.

[It is so touching and so romantic. The love between Mr. Huo and Jing Xi has made a singleton like me want to fall in love.]

[This film is spreading dog food from beginning to end and I’m about to be choked to death by the both of them! Help me…]

[If 100 points is the maximum, I have to give this movie 120 points! Sweet, sweet, sweet!]

[I’m so envious that Mr. Huo was able to find such a faithful wife like Jing Xi. Jing Xi is such a good person!]

[I’ve let my mom and aunt and grandma watch this movie and they were all so moved that they cried. It’s killing us!]

After the film was released, Xu Xiyan and Huo Yunshen were watching the movie together in their home theater.

In their eyes, this film was a reminiscence of their love life.

As they watched it, they would feel: Oh, it turns out that this was how they had gotten along. It’s really heartwarming.

When Huo Yunshen saw the scene when Qin Yishen fell from his wheelchair, and Lin Ruyi’s showed care and affection for him, he could still remember the feelings he had in his heart at that time.

For him, Xu Xiyan was not only his wife, but a friend too, and even a savior of his soul.

He was grateful to her, loving her even more. He wanted to cherish her forever.

The film came to the scene where the couple established their love for each other, sealing it with a deep passionate kiss.

On the sofa, the man turned his head and pressed his forehead against Xu Xiyan’s, saying affectionately, “How am I going to love you in this lifetime, dear?”

“By making love, of course!” Xu Xiyan said jokingly.

As soon she finished her words, the man clasped the back of her head and gave her a wild and passionate kiss, eager to release all the love in his heart that was about to overflow.

Here, the temperature in the home theater rose, and a hot and romantic atmosphere began to fill the room.

Meanwhile, there was a deathly stillness in the home theater of the Blackwater Manor.

Mo Yutian narrowed his dark eyes at the screen before him. As he watched the scene of Huo Yunshen kissing Jing Xi, he despised him so much that he directly flung the remote control at the screen.

Ker-thunk! The sound shocked Alice who was beside him, making her jump. She looked up at him puzzlingly. Mo Yutian had been fine, but why did he suddenly flare his temper?

Mo Yutian restrained his violent impulses and forced himself to continue watching the film.

After watching this film Jing Xi had starred in,

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