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Chapter 1050: Give Up All Of Her Assets

In the face of a man who was clearly in the wrong and yet did not know to repent such as Lu Mingsheng, Huo Yunshen would not support Huo Yijing to continue living her life with him.

Today, he may sleep with another woman out of spite and retaliate against his sister. But tomorrow, who knew what other harmful things Lu Mingsheng would come up with.

After dumping such ruthless words on him, Huo Yunshen got up to leave.

Lu Mingsheng went after him anxiously and grabbed his arm. “Yunshen, we’re all men. Please help me persuade your sister. I’ve never thought about getting a divorce.”


Huo Yunshen responded with a heavy punch to his face.

Lu Mingsheng fell back and crashed onto the coffee table, shattering it.

Huo Yunshen turned and looked down at him, saying in an icy voice, “You should’ve known the consequences the moment you betrayed her long ago! Whatever harm you’ve done to my sister, I’ll repay it tens and hundreds times fold. Lu Mingsheng, you’re on your own now!”

On the first day of the Chinese New Year, the greatest Huo family had become the talk of the town due to Huo Yijing’s scandal.

Huo Yunshen had let Tang Yichen take over Huo Yijing’s divorce case and formally file a divorce lawsuit against Lu Mingsheng.

For a time, Huo Yijing and Lu Mingsheng’s divorce case had become the focus of the public.

After Huo Yijing had almost recovered from her foot injury, she moved back to the Huo family home. During this period, Lu Mingsheng had come to see her several times, but Huo Yijing refused to see him.

As for Jing Zhannan, he had entrusted Xu Xiyan with the task of getting a paternity test for him and Lu Qiancheng.

On the eighth day of the Chinese New Year, the divorce case was officially brought into court.

Lu Mingsheng finally saw Huo Yijing in court. She still had the cold bearing of a career woman as though the incident had not caused any harm to her. She did not even look weary at all, but on the other hand, he was physically and mentally exhausted himself.

He thought that he would be content by having his revenge against her, but the truth was, that revenge had ruined his life and family, causing him to fall into a painful abyss.

As Huo Yijing was accompanied by the Huo family members as she attended court, there was no chance for him to approach her.

At this time, even though Lu Mingsheng had repented in his heart and did not want to divorce her, it was too late to change the situation, as lawyers of both sides had already taken their places in court.

The lawyer representing Lu Mingsheng took out evidence of Huo Yijing’s infidelity in order to protect Lu Mingsheng’s rights to his own property to the maximum.

The lawyer representing Huo Yijing also produced strong evidence, accusing Lu Mingsheng of committing adultery with his assistant, Shen Wan, as a counterattack.

The two sides held to their own statements. Fin

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