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When she lost her strength and felt like giving up, she just had to think of Dazhi, and think of Dazhi again. Only then did her strength begin to flicker again, and she clenched her teeth and began to push with all her might.

Those waiting outside the delivery room were very worried about the person inside. Huo Yunshen knew that Fang Xiaocheng was having a difficult labor and she had gone through several hours of it with her life at stake. He could also hear her painful screams coming out of the delivery room.

At this time, he realized that it was really tough to be a woman and a wife. He had always wanted to have a second child, but now he had changed his mind.

He took his wife’s hand, holding it tightly as he said, “Let’s not have more children in the future. Ying Bao is enough.”

“Why? We can have another, then Ying Bao would get a sibling to keep her company!”

Anyway, Xu Xiyan had made up her mind to bear another child for Huo Yunshen.

“It’s too painful to give birth to a child.”

Huo Yunshen said this with a serious face. Xu Xiyan sniggered at that, “You sound as if you’ve given birth before. I didn’t ask you to give birth anyway.”

“No, I don’t want you to take this risk. I would rather not have children.”

What he was implying was that he wished her to be safe and would rather not have children. He didn’t want her to do anything that was risky.

“You dummy!” Xu Xiyan scolded him coyly, then leaned her head on the man’s shoulder.

Being cared for and protected meticulously by a man like Huo Yunshen made her feel so lucky to be his wife!

Finally, at dawn, Fang Xiaocheng had given birth to a baby boy before falling unconscious.

The child was cleaned and carried out. Xu Xiyan received the swaddled child in her arms. Huo Yunshen and Yi Xiao both came over to look.

The little guy was tiny and pink. His little face had not opened up yet and it was still scrunched together. He was so ugly that he was cute!

Xu Xiyan held the child as though she was holding her own child. She was very affectionate toward him as she kept cooing at him.

Huo Yunshen looked at the little baby, feeling very amazed. He couldn’t help but wonder if, when their daughter was born, she had been like this too.

The one who was the most amazed was Yi Xiao. From the moment he signed his name on the agreement, he had become the child’s “dad.” Seeing the little baby now seemed to melt his usually stoic heart.

He really felt like holding this child in his arms!

“Yi Xiao, why don’t you try holding him? You seemed eager to hold him,” Xu Xiyan teased him and handed the child over to him.

Clumsily, Yi Xiao bent his arms according to Xu Xiyan’s instructions and held the child.

But the child was so small. He was only slightly bigger than Yi Xiao’s fist as he lay in his arms. He was so pitiably small, so small that he was lovable.

Yi Xiao seemed quite earnest in holding the child. Xu Xiyan joked, “Dear, look

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