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Chapter 1046: He Had Learned To Hide A Woman In His House

She looked at his clothes carefully. Weren’t they the same ones he had worn during the reunion dinner last night?

What was going on?

At that time, everyone had gone home after dinner. Did Jing Zhannan go off to look for Huo Yijing?

Later when she returned to the Jing family house, she could ask her uncle about it.

The three arrived at the Jing family house. Huo Yunshen took out various gifts from the trunk of the car, then walked through the main gate of the Jing family house with his wife and daughter.


Ying Bao took the lead, prancing off to look for her great-grandfather as Huo Yunshen and Xu Xiyan followed behind her.

Jing Huaduo heard Ying Bao’s voice. When he came out of the house, he saw the little girl running towards him.

Ying Bao was wearing a red down jacket that brought out the fairness of her skin and her big, beautiful eyes were full of spirit.

“Oh you’re here, Little Baby!”

“Happy new year, Great-Grandpa!”

“Happy new year to you too, little one!”

Jing Huaduo picked up the child. When he got up, he saw Xu Xiyan and Huo Yunshen coming in together. He said with a smile, “You should just come with yourselves! What did you bring so many things for?”

“Grandfather, these are our filial respect to you!”

They all entered the living room together. Jing Huaduo gave the red packet he had prepared to Ying Bao first. When Ying Bao received her red packet, the first thing she did was to hand it to her mother. “Mommy, please help Baby keep it so you can buy Baby’s dowry in the future.”

Since the little girl often played playhouse, she had learned the word “dowry.”

“What kind of dowry do you want to buy?”

“Chocolates, lollipops, and also Peppa Pig’s house.”


The adults laughed so hard that they had a stomachache. It was really amusing watching the little girl being so serious!

After sitting in the living room for a while, Jing Zhannan was still nowhere to be seen. Xu Xiyan asked, “Grandpa, where is Uncle?”

“In his room.”

“Let me go look.”

Xu Xiyan left Huo Yunshen and the child to accompany the elderly man for a chat and went to find Jing Zhannan.

When she came to her uncle’s room, she discovered that the door was open so she walked straight in. “Un—”

Before she could finish her words, she was stunned by what she saw. There was a woman sitting on the edge of Jing Zhannan’s bed, and Jing Zhannan himself was holding up her foot, carefully massaging her ankle.

Was there something wrong with her eyes? How could Huo Yunshen’s eldest sister, Huo Yijing, be in her uncle’s room?

When did her uncle learn to hide a woman in his house?

Didn’t that mean that… today’s scandal news was true?


Xu Xiyan’s voice shocked the two who had been in the room. Huo Yijing jumped in shock and quickly retracted her leg, then greeted awkwardly, “Jing Xi…”


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