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“Who’s jealous of you? If you hadn’t resorted to underhanded tricks, would Yunmeng marry you?”

“Was that underhanded? I was competing fairly with you. You’re the one who could not best me and yet you still blame me!”

The two old men were simply like kids. When it came to old scores, there would be no stopping their quarrel; they would argue over just about anything they could think of.

The two quarreled, their faces and ears red with anger. Everyone at the table exchanged looks, flabbergasted.

It looked like the last time, when the two old men shook hands and made peace, it had just been an act. In fact, neither of them had the other convinced.

Or it could be said that the two old men were born to be mortal enemies—don’t even hope that they could get along with each other peacefully.

Finally, Huo Yunshen stood up to prevent their quarrel from escalating. “Grandpa, Grandfather, could you two please calm down? Today is New Year’s Eve, and it’s not easy getting everyone to gather together today. Let’s have a peaceful and harmonious reunion dinner!”

Xu Xiyan also helped persuade them. “Grandpa, Grandfather, please don’t argue anymore. Yunshen and I will work harder to have more children in the future. Some will take the surname Huo and some will take the surname Jing. How about that?”

After the two old men listened to her suggestion, Huo Xun said, as though he had the short end of the stick, “Fine, let him reap the benefits for free.”

Jing Huaduo felt greatly relieved. “It seems my granddaughter is sensible!”

Ying Bao, who had been quietly watching the old men quarreling, finally spoke up. She looked up at her great-grandpa and said, “Great-Grandpa, Baby has a good idea.”

“Oh? What is it?”

“Before Mommy gives birth to my younger brother, Baby will take the surname Huo on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. Then on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays, Baby will take the surname Jing. This way, Great-Grandfather and Great-Grandpa don’t have to fight anymore!”

Amused by the little girl, Huo Xun laughed, “Haha… it seems the little baby is smart.”

Jing Huaduo had planned to fight till the end anyway. He asked, “Ying Bao, then let Great-Grandpa ask you something: which surname will you take on Sundays?”

Ying Bao could not simply answer this, otherwise, they would quarrel again. The little girl pondered for a while, then said, “On Sundays, Baby is going to take Brother Feimo’s surname, of course. Baby is going to be called ‘Tang Yingbao.'”

Huo Xun: “…”

Jing Huaduo: “…”

Everyone: “…”

Huo Yunshen felt as though he’d been punched deep in the gut. It seemed that the saying about girls tending to stand at their husband’s side was true, and this little girl was now siding with that little brat, Tang Feimo.

She was going to be an adult in no time, and she was going to whine about wanting to marry Tang Feimo every day.

Aiya… How he pitied his precious little princess. He couldn’t bea

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