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Chapter 1044: Strike First To Gain The Initiative

Jing Zhannan knew that her ankle was injured. Without saying more, he directly picked her up and strode off with her in his arms.

Lu Mingsheng’s face turned red like an angry bird as he saw his wife leaving with the other man, blatantly making a cuckold of him. He screamed in a demanding tone, “Huo Yijing! Stop right there! Come back here!”

However, he was ignored.

Outside the hotel, Huo Yijing asked Jing Zhannan to let her down, also thanking him for helping her to get out of trouble.

But the man turned a deaf ear. Not only did he not let her down, he directly carried her into his car and put her in the backseat, then got back to the front to start the car and drive away.

On the road, Jing Zhannan asked her, “Where do you want to go?”


Where could Huo Yijing go now?

At this time, her heart was wounded and scarred, and she had no home to return to.

After that, the two did not talk. Huo Yijing looked out of the window forlornly while Jing Zhannan quietly drove on until they reached the Jing family house.

After arriving home, Jing Zhannan carried Huo Yijing out from the back seat. Huo Yijing recognized the Jing family courtyard and went into a panic. “Hey! Why did you bring me to your house?!”

Jing Zhannan replied nonchalantly, “You’re the one who said ‘wherever.'”

Huo Yijing: “…”

As the two entered the house, they happened to meet Jing Huaduo, who had not retired to bed yet. Jing Huaduo’s reading glasses almost fell off in his shock when he saw his son come back with a girl in his arms.

After looking carefully at the girl’s appearance, he stood up from the sofa in astonishment. “Zhannan, you…”

Before the old man could reprimand him, Jing Zhannan quickly struck first to gain the initiative. “Dad, you said it during dinner just now. You said you wouldn’t object to me and Yiyi.”

“I didn’t. I was just…”

Jing Huaduo felt like vomiting blood. Didn’t his son know that he was just quarreling with that old man Huo Xun just now?

It was all out of spite when he said that he regretted preventing Jing Zhannan and Huo Yijing from dating. But he hadn’t said that he could carry her back home right now, had he?

Besides, Huo Yijing was already married into the Lu family, and yet this kid had brought her back. What was he trying to do?

Jing Zhannan interrupted him coldly, “Dad, stop nagging. Yiyi is injured, go find our family’s best bone-setting medicine for me.”

After finishing his words, Jing Zhannan carried Huo Yijing straight to his own room.

Jing Huaduo was speechless. That rotten brat had even commanded his old man while acting as the girl’s savior and knight in shining armor.

Hmph! Like he would!

Although he did not agree with his son’s behavior, the old man still went off to look for the medicine obediently.

Who else could he blame?

This was all his doing in the first place, doggone it!

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