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Chapter 1048: An Inexplicable Closeness

Xu Xiyan came over to persuade Jing Huaduo, “In any case, it was you who had ruined Uncle’s chances in the first place, and you have to be responsible for amending it now. Otherwise, you’re just like an evil oppressor, a sinner of the ages.”

“…” Jing Huaduo was speechless after being rebuked by his granddaughter.

Xu Xiyan continued, pointing at Lu Qiancheng as she said, “Also, Grandpa, just look at it this way: if Big Sis and my uncle got together, you could even get a grandson for free. You’ve got nothing to lose in this.”

Jing Huaduo looked at Lu Qiancheng. The child looked very lovable, and he could even feel an inexplicable closeness with him.

Jing Zhannan was trying to interact with Lu Qiancheng. At first, the child was still unfamiliar with him; he kept staring at Jing Zhannan curiously.

Ying Bao introduced to Lu Qiancheng very proudly, “He’s my granduncle! Brother, you can also call him Granduncle!”

Lu Qiancheng was very polite. He actually said to him, “Nice to meet you, Granduncle.”


Jing Zhannan’s heart cried out in grievance. Granduncle? That’s two whole generations from you, kid. You should call me Father.

Also last night at the hotel, he had heard something very shocking.

Lu Mingsheng had said that the child was not his. Then who had conceived the child with Huo Yijing?

Jing Zhannan had thought about it carefully all night, recalling what had happened between him and Huo Yijing in the past.

The only possibility was that when Huo Yijing married Lu Mingsheng in a flash marriage, she was already pregnant with Jing Zhannan’s child. Maybe she had not realized it at the time.

If this inference was true, then Lu Qiancheng was definitely his child with Huo Yijing.

He looked closely at Lu Qiancheng’s face. Indeed, the child didn’t look like Lu Mingsheng. But looking at his facial features, they actually looked very similar to Jing Zhannan’s.

This made him even more sure of his conjecture. Now all he had to do was to get a paternity test.

When the little boy called him “Granduncle,” the atmosphere in the room became a bit awkward. Xu Xiyan stroked the child’s head and said, “Chengcheng, you can just call him Uncle!”

“Okay, ‘Uncle’ sounds nicer.”

Lu Qiancheng felt that it was much better to call him “Uncle;” he didn’t even understand what “Granduncle” meant anyway.

When Jing Zhannan heard the boy calling him “Uncle,” he felt much better too. He reached his hand out to him and said, “Chengcheng, want to go see your mother? Uncle can take you to her.”

Lu Qiancheng did not extend his little hand to Jing Zhannan. Instead, he asked warily, “Where’s Mommy?”

“Ying Bao, take your big brother to your big aunt. She is in your granduncle’s room.”

Xu Xiyan let her daughter take Lu Qiancheng to his mother so that the boy would be less wary of the unfamiliar environment.

Ying Bao took Lu Qiancheng’s hand happily. “Okay!

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