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Chapter 1042: Cuckolded For Six Years

No matter how Huo Yijing tried to protect the overall situation, she was still a courageous woman with a sense of uprightness. How could she tolerate others bullying her under their feet?

Almost subconsciously, she directly grabbed Shen Wan’s hair, yanking her out from behind Lu Mingsheng and slapping her a few times viciously.

Shen Wan was caught off guard. She fell to the ground after being slapped, tears of grievances falling ceaselessly down her face. “Mrs. Lu, why did you hit me…”

“So what if I hit you? Who taught you to become a lowlife and steal someone’s husband!”

The daughters of the Huo family were not to be trifled with. Huo Yijing was not a saintly lady either; there was no need to show mercy to bitches like Shen Wan.

She lifted her foot and began to kick Shen Wan viciously. In front of Lu Minghseng, this cunning slut did not fight back at all; she even acted as though she was pitiful and miserable.

Seeing that his wife was acting irrationally, Lu Mingsheng directly grabbed her wrist and yelled, “Huo Yijing! What are you doing?”


As soon Huo Yijing turned around, her other hand came and slapped Lu Mingsheng. She shook off his grasp and glared at him with reddened eyes, shouting at him:

“What am I doing, you ask? You, the great President Lu, are having an affair with another woman outside behind my back—have you ever thought about my feelings? You’re so shameless but I’m not throwing away my dignity! Listen here, Lu Mingsheng! We are finished! I want to divorce you! You can get together with that bitch!”

“Huo Yijing, are you trying to mess with me?”

“You’re the one who is forcing me!”

The two glared at each other angrily, neither wanting to back down.

“When I was being cuckolded long ago I should’ve known that this day would happen!” Lu Mingsheng said angrily.

“What do you mean? Since when did I betray you? Didn’t we already have our son Chengcheng?”

Huo Yijing knew that Lu Mingsheng had always wanted a daughter, but she refused to have another child because she could not let go of her career.

Was it because of this that he went looking for another woman behind her back, and let that woman bear his children?

“Whether Chengcheng is my son or not, you should know very clearly yourself. You’ve cuckolded me for six years. Do you think that I’m a fool?” Lu Mingsheng said icily, his tone full of irony.


Huo Yijing lurched as though she was struck by thunder. “What are you talking about? Lu Mingsheng! Your son is yours! How could you say that?”

“Don’t act dumb! I’ve already gotten a paternity test, he is not my own blood at all! Don’t tell me you don’t even know whose child it is, huh?”

Lu Mingsheng somehow knew it, because everyone around him had said that he and his son did not look alike. So he got suspicious and had secretly gotten a paternity test.

Sure enough, the child was really not his blood.

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