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Yuanbao opened his eyes and found his mother right beside him. It made him calm down a little. He felt like something was tying his arm down and tried to remove it.

“Hey, don’t do that. Your arm is hurt,” Xiao Yuqian said and stopped him.

Yuanbao listened to his mother and stopped, but his eyes widened when he saw the beautiful woman standing right beside him.

Xiao Yuqian asked him to greet Xu Xiyan, and he did.

“Mummy, I’m fine,” Yuanbao said when he noticed his mother was on the brink of crying. “I’m a man, I can handle this.”

But it only made Xiao Yuqian cry for real when she heard her five-year-old son trying to comfort her instead.

Xu Xiyan was with Xiao Yuqian the whole time until Yuanbao went back to sleep again.

Wen Lanying had already learned from the nurses in the room of the man who had saved Yuanbao.

“Go get something for the person who saved him,” Wen Lanying said when she relayed the information to Xiao Yuqian.


Xiao Yuqian went to get flowers and fruits from the store outside the hospital and went to the room that the person was staying in.

She noticed that the person was lying on the bed with his back facing her. Even though she couldn’t see his face, she could still notice the bandages over his right arm.

“I’m sorry, are you…” Xiao Yuqian said.

The person turned over, and Xiao Yuqian’s jaw dropped when she saw his face.

“Ma Haodong? You…”

Ma Haodong noticed the two women standing by the door and asked, “Wait, how did both of you know I’m here?”

Ma Haodong did not tell anyone about his injury and had asked the police and hospital to keep his identity a secret, which was why he was surprised when Xu XIyan and Xiao Yuqian appeared in his room.

It was very awkward for Xiao Yuqian, as there was no way she could’ve predicted that the man who saved her son was none other than Ma Haodong.

“Oh my god! So you’re the young fella who saved the kids in the news!” Xu Xiyan exclaimed.

“If you call me young fella one more time, you’re dead!” Ma Haodong scolded with a smile on his face.

“Right! You’re a man now!” Xu Xiyan laughed.

After Xiao Yuqian told Ma Haodong that he was too young, Ma Haodong had changed his style completely. After he let his beard grow, he became manlier than he was.

He had changed a lot for the woman he loved.

“Qianqian, come here. Let me take a good look at you,” Ma Haodong said when he noticed Xiao Yuqian was staring at him with her reddened eyes as if she was about to cry.

See! I knew you cared about me! You just don’t want to admit it! Ma Haodong smirked in his head.

But Xiao Yuqian remained standing at her spot and did not move. Ma Haodong tried to sit up, but when he tried to lift himself with his hands, the pain put him back down.

“Mother…!” Ma Haodong scolded.

“Hey! Don’t move too much!” Xiao Yuqian said worriedly as her body moved by instinct and ran forward to apply a little pressure on his arm.

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