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Chapter 1068: The Best Means Of Attack!

These photos were simply the best means of attack!

As long as these photos were published through minor media channels, Jing Xi’s name would be tainted in minutes. Furthermore, Huo Yunshen would even end up being cuckolded.

This was really a good idea to kill two birds with one stone!

When Shen Mengyuan was preparing for tomorrow, her assistant Mary had already contacted a minor media channel, which was an underground media studio. She wanted to let them find a way to release Jing Xi’s scandal without being detected.

But unfortunately, she had found the wrong person. The person she had found was a paparazzi member called Ah Feng, a newcomer who had just joined the industry. This was his first job but he was a bit timid about it, so he took it to the boss of his studio for advice.

When the boss, Xia Bin, saw that it was related to Jing Xi, he immediately called Huo Sanyan to inform her about it. He and Huo Sanyan were former classmates—they had a strong relationship!

Last time, Huo Sanyan had treated him to a meal. She had also told him to immediately inform her if he had gotten hold of any scandals related to Jing Xi.

Therefore, to return Huo Sanyan’s favor, Xia Bin relayed the news to her.

After learning about it, Huo Sanyan contacted Xu Xiyan immediately. Xu Xiyan received some pictures from Huo Sanyan. When she saw that they were photos of Mo Yutian and herself kissing passionately, she suddenly felt as though she was struck by thunder.

Who fabricated these photos?

She and Mo Yutian had never been so intimate before!

These must be Photoshopped!

They were definitely synthesized!

This was the only reasonable explanation Xu Xiyan could think of. She felt lucky that the scandal was intercepted before it could be released to the public. If this kind of scandal were to be published and seen by her jealous husband, the consequences would be simply unimaginable.

She immediately left Huo Sanyan a voice message. “Third Sis, these photos should be destroyed immediately. Do not let Yunshen see them, no matter what. I’m worried that he would misunderstand.”

Huo Sanyan replied with a voice message: “Understood. I will handle it in secret, you can rest assured.”

After listening to Huo Sanyan’s voice message, Xu Xiyan prepared to delete it but her phone was suddenly snatched away. When she looked up and saw that it was Huo Yunshen, her heart sank.


“What photos should be destroyed immediately and must not be seen by me? What is it that you’re afraid that I’ll misunderstand?”

“It’s nothing. Please give me back my phone!”

Xu Xiyan wanted to snatch her phone back, but the man had already seen the photos through the still open WeChat screen.

He scrolled up to look at the previous messages, the horror in his eyes intensified. When he saw everything, Huo Yunshen’s face turned dark. He held out her phone at her, asking, “What’s thi

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