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Jing Xi meant so much more than another person to Mo Yutian. No other woman in the world could match her importance to his life.

Even if they were his mother or sister.

That was why he was willing to take on all the embarrassment and injustice that was forced onto him.

Mo Yutian turned to look at Alice, who has the face of Jing Xi and ordered, “Watch this movie over and over again until you remember every detail in it!”

“Yes, Mr. Mo,” Alice nodded.

Mo Yutian walked straight out of the theater room without looking at Alice.

“Sir,” Lei De saluted when he saw Mo Yutian coming out. “Jing Xi is not accepting any new films at the moment so we can’t find a chance to nab her. But I found out that she’s going to accept a few awards at the Golden Goose Awards next month.”

“Okay. Be sure to make good use of this chance. We have no room for failure.”

“Yes, sir!”

Mo Yutian smiled as his experiment was about to be a success.

Xu Xiyan did not accept any new jobs after Valentine’s Day. She planned to take a good rest and spend some quality time with her husband and daughter.

But on the other hand, Huo Yunshen’s schedule was full. Not only did he have to take care of Huo Group and Jingyue Group, but he also had to cooperate with Zstan’s police.

Ever since they found the underground drug factory during the raid last time, they began to find more and more similar factories.

And in the end, the police finally located the source for all the operations.

And as Huo Yunshen had expected, the source of IK-99 was none other than Mo Yutian.

To take the organization down, Huo Yunshen requested for assistance from the G24 countries once more.

The operation to move towards the drug cartel was set for next month, making sure everyone had a chance to make a visit to their friends and families before everything went down.

Huo Yunshen stayed at the Huo mansion with Xu Xiyan and Ying Bao during the whole New Year.

The reason was to spend some time with the elders so that they wouldn’t feel lonely during the festive season.

Even Huo Erqi and her husband went back to visit her parents.

The first thing Huo Erqi gave Xu Xiyan when they met was a set of jewelry that Huo Erqi had designed herself.

“Oh my god! They are so pretty!” Xu Xiyan exclaimed. “You are really talented at this!”

Even if Xu Xiyan did not plan to accept the gift, the jewelry was so pretty that it completely enchanted her.

“I’m glad you like it. I was worried that you might think they are normal,” Huo Erqi said.

“No way! They are perfect! Thank you so much! By the way, can you tell me how you designed them? I have some interest in jewelry design, you see.”

Xu Xiyan still remembered that she almost went to sign up at a jewelry design class after seeing the products in Huo Erqi’s shop.

“Sure thing! I can teach you some simple stuff when we have the time, and in exchange, can you teach me how to play the violin

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