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Chapter 1047: A Chance

Lu Mingsheng was the one who had cheated on her first and yet Huo Yijing was the one who had to take all the blame.

The scandal was enough to ruin Huo Yijing’s life. She would lose the most if the divorce were filed against her.

Xu Xiyan finally learned the whole story after talking with Huo Yijing.

“I would’ve never thought that he was that kind of person! You shouldn’t have married him!” Xu Xiyan scolded.

“There’s no point in saying that now,” Huo Yijing sighed.

“But you can start a new life if you want. You can marry my uncle after the divorce. He’ll definitely treat Chengcheng like his own!”

Ever since Xu Xiyan heard about her uncle and Huo Yijing, she felt that their story was a tragedy. But it was as if God was giving them a second chance.

Huo Yijing was finally able to see the real Lu Mingsheng and was given a chance to live her life again.

“Jing Xi, please don’t say something like that. Our divorce has nothing to do with your uncle…”

After being married to Lu Mingsheng, Huo Yijing did her best to forget Jing Zhannan and live a happy life with her husband.

The only things that were left in her heart were Lu Mingsheng and her son. In short, Huo Yijing really liked Lu Mingsheng.

Even if she really did leave Lu Mingsheng, there was no spot for Jing Zhannan in her heart.

The only thing that she hoped for at that moment was for her leg to heal and to leave the Jing mansion.

“Fine, I won’t say anything further,” Xu Xiyan said, knowing that things like those could not be rushed. “If you really want to leave Lu Mingsheng, then you have my full support. We can have Tang Yitan help you with the case. Even if you don’t want anything from him, we can’t let him be this arrogant!”

“I know…”

“Yunshen and Sanyan are taking care of the scandal now. You should stay here for the moment.”

“But I’m worried about Chengcheng…”

“Don’t worry about that. I’ll have him fetched over later.”

“Thank you.”

“No problem!” Xu Xiyan smiled.

Xu Xiyan knew that, from how her uncle picked Huo Yijing up in public without giving a damn about other people, he wasn’t going to give up on her this time.

But just when Xu Xiyan was about to go and fetch Lu Qiancheng, someone had already beaten her to it.

Jing Zhannan had asked Huo Yunshen to bring Lu Qiancheng over to the Jing mansion, and he was already playing with Ying Bao in the living hall.

“Chengcheng is already here?” Xu Xiyan asked when she arrived at the living hall.

“Yes! Look at what he has done! I don’t even know what to say anymore!” Jing Huaduo scolded as he looked at his son, who had fetched other people’s kid back to their home.

“Then shut your mouth!” Jing Huaduo scolded back.

It was as if he was blaming his father for breaking them apart in the past, or else Huo Yijing would never have to suffer the humiliation she was experiencing right that moment.

“Stop it, both of you!” Xu Xiyan

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