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Chapter 1049: Too Overboard

Jing Zhannan finished what he wanted to say and left the living hall.

“You little…! Get back here!” Jing Huaduo shouted.

The only thing that the old man was worried about was how his son got mixed into Huo Yijing and Lu Mingsheng’s situation. Jing Zhannan might be labeled as the one who broke the family’s happiness

Huo Xun would’ve blamed Jing Huaduo for not educating his son properly if he found out about it.

It was impossible for Jing Huaduo to acknowledge the relationship between his son and Huo Yijing.

On the other side, Huo Yijing was really surprised to see her son.

“Mummy, why are you here?” Lu Qiancheng asked as he dug his head into his mother’s arms. “Daddy was drunk and puked a lot when you weren’t home last night.”

But Huo Yijing had no idea how to tell the little kid the truth.

“I hurt my ankle yesterday,” Huo Yijing said as she hugged him and patted his head. “Let’s go back when I can walk again, okay?”

Lu Qiancheng lowered his head and saw that Huo Yijing’s ankle was covered in herbs and bandages.

“Is this it?” Lu Qiancheng asked. “Let me help you.”

By being such a good kid, Lu Qiancheng was only making Huo Yijing sadder.

How she hoped that the kid did not have to suffer for the mistakes his parents made.

Lu Mingsheng had always been living a happy life ever since he was born, and his parents never even fought once. Huo Yijing would not dare to picture how it would ruin his life if he learned about how their relationship broke.

“What are you planning to do now?” Huo Yunshen asked so that he could help her with the next step she was going to take.

But Huo Yijing remained silent, and Huo Yunshen asked Ying Bao to take Lu Qiancheng to the garden to play.

“You can tell me,” Huo Yunshen said after the kids had left. “No matter what you decide to do, I’ll support you wholeheartedly.”

“There’s no way I can ignore any of this,” Huo Yijing said after thinking for a few seconds. “You know I’m the type of person who could not handle these things… I’m getting a divorce for sure, but what I’m worried about is Chengcheng…”

“Okay, I get it,” Huo Yunshen said. “Lu Mingsheng is at fault this time, and I’ll go talk to him. As for the kid, I’ll do my best to minimize the impact on him.”

And so Huo Yunshen went to talk with Lu Mingsheng.

Lu Mingsheng was still suffering from his hangover and had no idea what was happening outside.

Until Huo Yunshen threw a newspaper in front of him and scolded, “Lu Mingsheng! How dare you blame my sister when you were the one who cheated! If you really wanted a divorce, you could’ve just said it!”

Lu Mingsheng instantly woke up from the hangover after reading the headline.

“I did not do this!” Lu Mingsheng said.

“You can deny all you want, but the truth is there!”

“No! It really wasn’t me! I was angry at your sister, and I just wanted to teach her a lesson! I still love Jingjing! As long

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