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Chapter 1051: All Up to Him

Lu Mingsheng said that he did not care if the child was his or not, all he wanted was Huo Yijing to go back to him.

But Huo Yijing did not even look at Lu Mingsheng once; she was not going to give him another chance to hurt her.

Even though the scandal was cleared up, the negative impact on Huo Yijing was not going to disappear right away.

When Xu Xiyan got the report for the paternal test, she quickly showed it to her family.

The report showed that Lu Qiancheng and Jing Zhannan were indeed blood-related.

Lu Qiancheng was Jing Zhannan and Huo Yijing’s son.

“Grandpa, weren’t you always worried that our line would end here?” Xu Xiyan asked. “You don’t have to worry about that anymore now that you have a grandson.”

“Are you two trying to trick me again?” Jing Huaduo asked, not believing what he was hearing.

“Even if you don’t believe us, you have to believe science, right?” Xu XIyan said, showing him the report. “This report is from the most trusted institution in Peijing. It’s even signed. This is as real as it can get!”

Jing Huaduo put on his glasses and read the report over and over again until he was sure that he wasn’t dreaming.

“Oh my god! You’re right! We finally have an heir!” Jing Huaduo laughed. “The old Huo Xun! There’s no way he could see this coming! His granddaughter giving us an heir! I really want to see what expression he’s going to make when he learn of this! I knew it from the beginning that the kid was somewhat familiar!”

“Finding your grandson is just the first step,” Xu Xiyan said. “The next step depends on Uncle Zhannan now!”

Xu Xiyan meant that since Huo Yijing was once again single after the divorce, it would be all up to Jing Zhannan whether he could win her over or not.

“Zhannan! Why are you still here?” Jing Huaduo scolded. “Hurry up and go get your son back!”

“I thought you just told me to never see Yiyi again?” Jing Zhannan said, not used to his father’s sudden change of attitude.

“It’s different now! Hurry up!”

Just as Jing Zhannan was about to leave, he ran into Huo Yunshen, who was there to pick his wife up.

“Just in time!” Huo Yunshen said. “I just got word that my sister is at the airport with the kid now! I think they are trying to leave the country! You’d better go after them.”

“What?” Jing Zhannan was stunned. “I’ll go right away!”

“Zhannan!” Jing Huaduo shouted at the leaving Jing Zhannan. “If you can’t get them back, you better not return to this house!”

“Grandpa, don’t worry. I’ll go check it out with Yunshen too,” Xu Xiyan said, leaving the house with Huo Yunshen.

“Is big sis really trying to take the kid to another country?” Xu Xiyan asked n the car.

“Yes, and she didn’t tell anyone about it,” Huo Yunshen said. “Looks like her heart was completely broken and she decided to leave Peijing.”

“I’m worried. Can Uncle really bring her back?”

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