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Chapter 1039: They Began to Fight, Again

Jing Zhannan even came back for the festive season. Since he was a soldier, it was hard for him to take leave and he hadn’t been back to Zstan for quite some time.

The family dinner was one of the few he had after becoming the leader of JS 1st squadron.

The elders from both families chatted with each other until the end when they asked the most important question.

“When are you two planning to have a second child?”

Both families were really concerned about their second child. Even if they already had Ying Bao, they still wished for more children, because both the Huo and Jing families only had few members in them.

“We’re preparing for that,” Huo Yunshen said as he grabbed Xu Xiyan by her shoulder. “We’ll let everyone know when it happens.”

“But which family should the newborn get?” Jing Huaduo asked.

“Is that even a question? Of course it’s Huo!” Huo Xun scolded.

“Ying Bao already has your family name! The next one should be ours!”

“In your dreams! If you want a grandchild, then get your son to give you one!”

“Do you think I’d be here asking for one from you if he wanted that?” Jing Huaduo scolded as he stared at Jing Zhannan.

The most troubling part for Jing Huaduo was that Jing Zhannan did not plan to get married.

“It’s a waste for Zhannan to spend his life with his work,” Huo Xun said. “Do you want me to introduce someone to you?”

Jing Zhannan looked at both the elders, wondering why he’d become the topic of conversation again.

“Thank you, but I’m not in a hurry now,” Jing Zhannan quickly rejected.

Only a few knew that Jing Zhannan had actually once been in love with Huo Xun’s eldest granddaughter, which was Huo Yijing.

But his father found out and stopped him from seeing her ever again. Because of that, Huo Yijing married Lu Mingsheng in a flash marriage while Jing Zhannan left Zstan and did not go back for a long time.

But Jing Zhannan wasn’t angry at anyone. As long as Huo Yijing was happy, then it was enough for him.

“How about this?” Jing Zhannan said. “We’ll let Ying Bao have the Jing family name and the next born will get the Huo name?”

“Not going to happen!” Huo Xun scolded and hugged Ying Bao tightly. “She’s my great-granddaughter, no way I’m giving up on her.”

“Aren’t you being too greedy?” Jing Huaduo scolded. “You won’t even let one of the kids have our name. If I knew that this would happen, I would’ve agreed with Zhannan and Yijing.”

But Jing Huaduo did not realize the impact he caused by spitting that out.

Except for the two people involved and Jing Huaduom, not one other person at the dinner knew about Jing Zhannan and Huo Yijing’s past. And Jing Huaduo had just made it public.

“Your… your son even seduced my granddaughter?” Huo Xun scolded as he pointed at Jing Huaduo.

“What do you mean, seduced? They were into each other!”

“Then why did you tear them apart? I get it now! You must b

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