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Chapter 1043: Butt In

Huo Yijing was extremely angered by Lu Mingsheng and raised her hand, trying to slap him.

But Lu Mingsheng caught her hand and slapped back.

The slap was so hard that a red mark was left on Huo Yijing’s cheek.

One slap was enough to hurt all of Huo Yijing’s pride.

“You would even hit me for her?” Huo Yijing scolded. “Come on! Slap me again if you dare!”

“And what makes you think I won’t?” Lu Mingsheng said and raised his arm again.

But just as his hand was about to hit Huo Yijing, it was caught by another man.

Lu Mingsheng turned back and was met with a pair of eyes as sharp as an eagle’s.

Huo Yijing also turned her head and was stunned by the person that appeared.

It was Jing Zhannan.

“You dare call yourself a man?” Jing Zhanna scolded, his stare sharp enough to pierce someone’s skin.

The moment Jing Zhannan let his grip go, Lu Mingshen was punched in the face.

His nose was broken by the punch as Shen Wan shrieked from shock.

Jing Zhannan did not plan to interfere, but the thing he could not stand the most was people bullying Huo Yijing.

He had been hiding in the dark and learned that Huo Yijing was at the hotel to catch Lu Mingsheng with another woman.

Jing Zhannan used to date Huo Yijing in the past, but because of his father’s disapproval, Huo Yijing was angered by it and married Lu Mingsheng without thinking twice.

Jing Zhannan thought that Lu Mingsheng would treat her well and love her dearly, but what he witnessed was completely different from what he had imagined.

There was no way Jing Zhannan would ignore what he was seeing. He had to butt in.

“Who the heck do you think you are? This is a family matter!” Lu Mingsheng scolded.

“Oh yeah? Then try and hit Yiyi one more time! I’ll make sure your body is never found!” Jing Zhannan threatened with a voice cold enough to stop Lu Mingsheng from moving.

Huo Yijing’s mind was in a complete mess. She never expected that the next time she met Jing Zhannan she would be in such a desperate state.

But the way Jing Zhannan stood up for her shook her a little.

Yiyi, remember this, as long as I’m alive, I won’t let anyone hurt you.

Huo Yijing suddenly remembered the promise Jing Zhannan had made.

Even though they had broken up seven years ago, he still appeared right before her in times of need.

Lu Mingsheng noticed Jing Zhannan that called Huo Yijing “Yiyi” and suddenly thought of something when he focused on Jing Zhannan’s face.

“You bastard! Is this the man that you’re seeing?” Lu Mingsheng scolded.

The situation was very awkward.

“Yes! He is! And the most important part is that he’s better than you in every way!” Huo Yijing said as she crossed her arm with Jing Zhannan’s.

Perhaps it was an attempt to regain her pride, but Huo Yijing had no idea why she did that.

“Dear, let’s go,” Huo Yijing said and left with Jing Zhannan.

But before they left, Jing Zh

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