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Jing Zhannan put on a pair of sunglasses and a cap before following Huo Yijing into the elevator and standing behind her.

Huo Yijing’s head was down, and Jing Zhannan could not make out what kind of face she was making, but he could see from the reflection on the door that her face was pale.

His heart tightened as he saw her in an unusual mood.

Did something happen?

Huo Yijing was completely absorbed into her own thinking and did not notice the man standing behind her.

The elevator stopped on the 16th floor, and Jing Zhannan followed Huo Yijing out after waiting for a few seconds so that she wouldn’t notice him.

Huo Yijing stopped in front of Room 1688 and tightened her grip. She paused for a moment before she raised her hand to knock on the door, but stopped mid-air.

After hesitating for a while, she was about to turn and leave when she noticed a cleaner coming out from another room.

Huo Yijing stopped the cleaner and gave her some cash to knock on the door.

The cleaner rang the doorbell, and before long, the door opened, and a man in a white bathrobe came out.

“I did not order any room service,” the man said.

“My mistake, sorry for disturbing,” the cleaner apologized and left.

The man closed the door but was stopped by a hand.

The man raised his head, and his eyes met the woman’s eyes. They were both stunned and remained silent until another woman in a bathrobe walked towards the man.

“Mr. Lu, who are you talking to?” the woman asked.

She looked outside and noticed it was Huo Yijing. She was clearly surprised but quickly regained her posture.

“Oh, so it’s Mrs. Lu,” the woman said.

Huo Yijing had already recognized who the woman was; she was Lu Mingsheng’s personal assistant, Shen Wan.

“So this is what you meant by work?” Huo Yijing scolded. “Working in the bed with another woman?”

If Huo Yijing had not received an anonymous tip, she would never have known that her own perfect husband was having an affair with his assistant.

She was the only one who always thought that their love was absolute.

She thought that her husband was a successful person who loved his son.

“What else should I do? Bring her back home?” Lu Mingsheng bit back.

There was no guilt or panic in Lu Mingsheng’s voice, only excitement, and a taste of revenge.

Shen Wan’s smile widened when she heard Lu Mingsheng scolding back.

“How did you become like this…” Huo Yijing asked with her shaky voice.

In her memories, Lu Mingsheng was always nice to her until a short while ago.

She thought that it was due to stress from his work.

“You should thank yourself for this,” Lu Mingsheng said. “Since you did not want to bear my kid, I have no choice but to find other people to take on that responsibility.”

The other person that Lu Mingsheng mentioned was lying in his arms as if she was the winner.

“Mrs. Lu, if you were a smart person, you would not have come here. But don’t

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