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Chapter 1067: Are They Worried Too?

The most worried one was definitely Ying Bao’s father, Huo Yunshen, because Ying Bao would definitely grow into a beauty.

“Isn’t that a good thing? We don’t have to worry that she can’t find a man for herself,” Xu Xiyan said, being more open-minded than her husband.

“Do you think that Tang Yitan’s kid will be a decent man in the future? What should we do if he turns bad?”

Huo Yunshen was worried that the man Ying Bao would see in the future would be a bad person.

He really wanted to know if every father in the world had the same worry as he did.

“Aren’t you overthinking it? They are a decent family, so you don’t have to worry about that,” Xu Xiyan said as she grabbed Huo Yunshen’s arm. “Come on, you should get to work. Stop worrying about these things.”

After seeing her daughter and husband off, it was time for Xu Xiyan to get back to her job.

After reading through the scripts Xiao Yuqian had given her and getting suggestions from Huo Yunshen, Xu Xiyan decided to take on a new village life themed film, The Brilliant Spring Flowers.

Xu Xiyan did not choose the film at first but changed her mind after Huo Yunshen insisted her on taking the role.

Huo Yunshen’s reason was that being a successful actress, Xu Xiyan needed a film that showcased her acting skills and nothing else.

It meant that every successful actor or actress has to take on roles in small films for them to leave an impact on the viewers’ hearts.

The Brilliant Spring Flowers talked about a very plain village girl, Chun Hua. The film revolved around Chun Hua’s life, and the story was told through her.

If the actress played the role perfectly, they could attract the hearts of millions of viewers.

Xu Xiyan was eager to try the new role, but Xiao Yuqian told her that she had to wait until after the Golden Goose Awards.

The Golden Goose Awards finally arrived in March.

It was the biggest film award in all of Zstan and winning one of the awards was every actor and actress’ dream.

Xu Xiyan thought of her mother who had also been nominated as the Best Actress in the Golden Goose Awards. But she was not able to take it home.

Xu Xiyan had followed in her mother’s footsteps, finally achieving a nomination in the Golden Goose Awards.

Her plan was to win the Newcomer Award and aim for the Best Actress Award shortly after by doing her best in portraying every character she got her hands on.

The day before the awards proved to be the most dangerous for every nominee.

Xu XIyan’s mother had met her life-changing accident just one day before the award, and so Xu Xiyan was on high alert. Xu Xiyan had asked Huo Sanyan to check if there were any scandals about her online and if there was, they had to take care of it right away.

At the same time, Shen Mengyuan was pleasuring the man under her at Huayue Grand Hotel.

The man was one of the Golden Goose’s judges, Qin Taosheng,

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