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Chapter 1016: Like A Wolf

After sending Han Xinyun and her assistant home, the celebrity van turned around and headed back to Shengshi Yujing.

Xu Xiyan returned home and saw that her husband and daughter had yet to sleep. They were absorbed in finishing a jigsaw puzzle together.

“I’m home, dear!”

Xu Xiyan changed her shoes and entered, hanging her coat on the coat rack by the door.

Hearing his wife’s voice, Huo Yunshen turned around to glance quickly at the door, then looked back to his daughter and said, “Your mommy is back. Let’s continue tomorrow!”

“Okay!” Ying Bao put down the jigsaw puzzle pieces, then immediately jumped up from the carpet and ran over to greet her mother. “Mommyyy!”

“Baby!” Xu Xiyan squatted down and gave a big hug to her daughter, then both mother and daughter exchanged kisses on each other’s faces.

After they were done kissing, Xu Xiyan picked up her daughter. Ying Bao turned to look at her father, beckoning him, “Daddy, you still haven’t kissed Mommy!”

Huo Yunshen came over and took both mother and daughter into his arms, planting a kiss on his wife’s cheek.

Xu Xiyan stifled a giggle, then gave him a look. “Alright, enough fooling around.”

The two had agreed before not to display acts of intimacy in front of the child. How could this guy forget?

“It was our daughter’s request,” Huo Yunshen said innocently.

“So that’s your excuse, huh?” Xu Xiyan laughed.

“Uh-huh…” The man raised his eyebrows smugly.

Ying Bao expressed her dissatisfaction with her parent’s performance. “Daddy, your kiss just now did not pass. It was not loud enough!”


With a helpless look, Huo Yunshen leaned over and planted a big kiss on Xu Xiyan’s cheek, making a loud smacking noise.

Then, he asked the little girl, “Is this good enough, Baby?”

“Mmm, not bad.” The little girl nodded, then added, “But it was not as loud as the kiss Brother Feimo gave to Baby.”


Huo Yunshen almost fainted when he heard this.

As long he thought of that rascal Tang Feimo, Huo Yunshen simply felt so peeved that he felt like he was going to have an internal hemorrhage.

At night, after taking a shower, Xu Xiyan told a bedtime story to her daughter. When the child had fallen asleep, she returned to the master bedroom.

Huo Yunshen returned from the balcony after making a call. He came to his wife and told her, “It’s settled. You don’t have to worry about Han Xinyun anymore.”

Xu Xiyan got up and knelt on the bed, spread out her arms and hugged Huo Yunshen. She praised him profusely, “My husband is really amazing! I’m so glad to have you!”

Huo Yunshen’s male self-esteem was greatly satisfied. He embraced her and they both fell onto the bed together. “There’s one more thing I have to tell you. I’ve found out that Zhong Qingzi is a relative to the show guest named Shen Mengyuan.”

“Oh, I see!”

Xu Xiyan suddenly felt enlightened. No wonder Zhong Qingzi had always be

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