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The host announced the results excitedly, congratulating Shen Mengyuan for winning the championship of the season and Jing Xi for winning first runner-up.

Shen Mengyuan smiled like a flower as she received her award on stage, feeling very smug. As long as she thought that she had defeated Jing Xi and had her under her feet, she would feel that she had taken out her anger on Jing Xi and feel very happy.

Shen Mengyuan thought that defeating Jing Xi would cause an effect on her. But in truth, things like rankings and prizes had no effect on Jing Xi.

Regardless of whether she was able to win top three in place or whatever her overall rank was, it was enough to her as long she had put in a good effort.

It was also good enough to be able to win the first runner-up place. She didn’t have that kind of stubborn resolution to win no matter what.

While the host was interviewing the top three winners, he asked everyone a question, “Do you know what day today is?”

Everyone knew that today was December 24th and it was Christmas Eve.

The host announced with joy, “Everyone only guessed half of it. Today is not only Christmas Eve, but also the birthday of our first runner-up winner, Miss Jing Xi. So, in today’s variety show recording, the program group has specially prepared a birthday surprise for her.”

The audience was very surprised. Xu Xiyan was very pleasantly surprised too. She didn’t know what surprise the program group had prepared for her.

Suddenly, the whole studio fell into darkness.

After a few seconds, tiny lights flickered in the distance, appearing to come closer and closer.

As the lights kept approaching until they came on stage, the audience realized that someone was wheeling a large cake.

A few lights at the studio lit up. Under the light, Xu Xiyan could see clearly who had come—it was her husband, Huo Yunshen.

When everyone at the studio saw Huo Yunshen appear, they all whooped and screamed.

Xu Xiyan was also very surprised. She did not expect him to come to celebrate her birthday on the show.

The swaying candlelight outlined the man’s soulful eyes and well-chiseled face. He was perfectly impeccable.

Xu Xiyan’s heart thumped as she gazed at him silently, watching him approach her step by step.

At this moment, he was just like an indomitable hero making his entrance; his every step was imprinted on her heart.

Huo Yunshen wheeled the cake over. The first thing he did was to hug his wife, then kiss her on her lips.

“Happy birthday, dear. Come, make a wish!”

Huo Yunshen told her to make a wish. Xu Xiyan clasped her hands together and made a birthday wish.

In the candlelight, Huo Yunshen gazed at his wife’s warm and pure, delicate face. He felt like treasuring her forever.

After making her wish, she blew out the candles, then all the lights in the studio lit up.

The host and the show guests came over to her to give their birthday blessings.

Cheekily, th

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