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Wan Dou finally told Xu Xiyan about everything that had happened during the rainy night.

Xu Xiyan couldn’t help but laugh when she heard the story. She never thought something like that had happened when they met for the first time.

It made sense to Xu XIyan that it would be hard for Wan Dou to forgive him after leaving such a bad impression.

But as Wan Dou and Mu Chenguang’s friend, Xu Xiyan really hoped they could find their happiness.

“Maybe it was just a coincidence,” Xu Xiyan said. “You shouldn’t judge a book by its cover. Even though he looks playful and bossy, he’s really a nice person. You might not know this, but he grew up in a very strict family, and his mother left him at an early age. Ever since he could remember, his father forced him to take piano classes and would hit him every time he made a mistake. One slap from his father when he was six made him lose his hearing in the right ear too. But even after all that, he bit his lip and fought his way through to become a successful musician. The Mu Chenguang you know right now is just a mask that he’s wearing. I’m sure that he wants to be loved more than any other person. He’s bossy towards you because that’s the only way he knows to express his care for you. Give him a chance, give yourself a chance to know the real him.”

Xu Xiyan left after telling Wan Dou about Mu Chenguang, leaving her stunned.

The things that Xu Xiyan told Wan Dou had left an impact on Wan Dou’s heart.

She never knew that Mu Chenguang has such a troubled past under that playful personality of his.

She never knew that he had lost his hearing in his right ear.

That explained to her why Mu Chenguang would sometimes ignore her when she was speaking on his right side.

Wan Dou had been trying to avoid Mu Chenguang, but it was as if something had changed inside her.

She began to sympathize with Mu Chenguang’s past.

Huo Yunshen and Mu Chenguang began to prepare for the recording in the studio.

Xu Xiyan walked into the studio and read the lyrics before she began to record.

The first piece that she recorded was the theme song for Landscape, “The Perfect Scenery.”

Xu Xiyan recorded the song a total six times and chose the best out of them.

The next was the theme song for Deep in the Shadows of the Stars, “Starry Sky,” which was performed by Xu Xiyan and Huo Yunshen.

Mu Chenguang’s job was to take over the recording part.

Wan Dou came into the studio when the married couple was singing, and she instantly fell in love with their voices.

Her gaze slowly turned to Mu Chenguang’s back as he held the earphone onto his left ear, completely focused in the process. Wan Dou looked at his right ear and felt as if a rock was holding down her heart.

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